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Admiral Appliance Repair Ottawa – Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa

Friendly, Honest, and Affordable Appliance Repairs in Ottawa

At Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa, we take pride in our 5-star reputation for delivering friendly, honest service and affordable appliance repairs that you can rely on. Whether you’re dealing with a broken Admiral fridge or a washer that won’t spin, our expert appliance repair technicians are here to restore your Admiral appliances to perfect health. When you’re searching for an “Ottawa Admiral Appliance Repair Company”, rest assured that Doctor Appliance is here for you!

Why Choose Doctor Appliance for Your Admiral Appliance Repairs?

  • Expertise in Admiral Appliances: We specialize in repairing all Admiral models, ensuring your appliances receive the best care.
  • No Hidden Costs: Enjoy a free service call with every repair, making your experience hassle-free and transparent. Plus, the service call is disclosed once you make an appointment with our office manager. Call 613-606-6038 to find out the service call fee in your Ottawa neighbourhood.
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Service: Get your appliances fixed fast with our prompt same-day service commitment.
  • Specialized Technicians: From Admiral fridge repairs to stove and dryer fixes, our technicians are equipped to handle both electric and gas models.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: With our stellar reputation and customer reviews, be assured of quality service.
admiral appliance repair

Our Admiral Appliance Repair Services Include:


Home appliances like an admiral dryer are effortless to use, however, when they break down, a technician is required. With proper maintenance, these appliances can last a long time. To ensure its proper functionality, it needs to be maintained and checked by a professional technician. Doctor Appliances provides you with superior Admiral dryer repair services. Our experienced appliance repair technicians can handle all possible issues regarding your dryer. Our most common dryer issues are listed below. Is your dryer not performing like it used to? Is it experiencing one or more of the following common dryer issues?

Common Admiral Dryer Issues

If your dryer is not working correctly, it might be possible to have some issues such as:

  • The dryer is not turning on at all
  • Dryer making noise
  • Clothes are not well-drained
  • Tumbling issues
  • No heat producing
  • Extra time consuming
  • Too hot
  • Spinner is jammed
  • The drum is not turning
  • The dryer is not stopping once it gets started

Call 613-606-6038 to book your next dryer repair appointment. We are your #1 dryer repair specialists in Ottawa for Admiral appliances and any other appliance brand. 


If your refrigerator is not working correctly or not cooling, you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, call Doctor Appliance. We find solutions to all fridge repair solutions. We have skilled technicians nearby ready to diagnose your admiral fridge. 

Your admiral refrigerator can have issues such as:

  • The fridge is making noise
  • Water leaking
  • Icemaker not working
  • No or low cooling temperature
  • Fridge is warm
  • The light is dim or not working
  • Too much ice in the freezer
  • Door sweating

Our expert appliance repair technicians can address all these issues and more. Call 613-606-6038 and ask about our free same-day or next-day service for your fridge repair.  

Admiral Washing Machine Repair

If your admiral washing machine is not working as it should, several factors can be the problem. Sometimes, our appliance repair technicians can fix the washing machine without having to order new parts. Nonetheless, rest assured that we use Admiral’s original parts when possible. 

Common Washing Machine Problems

  • The washer won’t spin
  • Washing is making a loud noise
  • The washer won’t agitate
  • Drain issue
  • Clothes still dirty

Are you experiencing one of these common issues? Rest assured, we can help you.

Admiral Dishwasher Repair + Installation

For most common dishwasher repairs, Doctor Appliance technicians have the most common parts in their service vehicles. This is how we offer free same-day appliance repair services! Not only do we repair dishwashers, but we can also have them installed by a Master Plumber.

Most Common Dishwasher Issues

  • admiral dishwasher repairThe dishwasher is not draining
  • Dishes not properly cleaned
  • The dishwasher is leaking water
  • There is an error code on my dishwasher
  • Lights are flashing on the dishwasher.

Admiral Stove & Oven Repair 

Do you have an electric admiral oven that is not heating? There may be an issue with the stove igniter. When an igniter is faulty, it cannot push electricity through to heat the oven. However, if you are experiencing another issue with your admiral stove or oven, we can assist you.

Here are the most common problems we see with Admiral Stove & Ovens:

  • The oven doesn’t bake
  • The roasting option on my range doesn’t work
  • The stove burner won’t turn on
  • The broil element not working

These are just everyday oven and stove repairs that we perform daily. Are you experiencing something else? Have a professional technician come over and diagnose the issue for you. 

Admiral Gas Appliance Repair

Experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence with Admiral Gas cookers – designed for homeowners who prize precision and efficiency in their kitchen. Enjoy rapid heating and meticulous temperature controls that ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection every single time. And for those moments when your trusted appliance needs a professional touch, rely on Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa. Our certified technicians specialize in restoring Admiral gas stoves, so you can get back to creating your favorite meals without skipping a beat. Serving Ottawa residents and property managers with expertise and care. Contact us today for stellar gas appliance repair service!

Professional Services for all Admiral Appliance Repair Needs

At the point when home appliances are serviced, they are bound to work with upgraded productivity and offer a longer life span. Doctor appliance technicians are all manufacturer-trained to work on any Admiral appliance. Regardless of what issue you are experiencing with your Admiral appliance, we are here to help. 

Book Your Free Service Call Today!

Don’t let a broken appliance throw a wrench in your day. If you’re an Ottawa landlord, property manager, or homeowner, Dr. Appliance Repair Ottawa is your go-to solution. Save time and money while ensuring your appliances are in peak condition.

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Hear from Our Satisfied Customers:

“Amazing service! The technician repaired my Admiral fridge the same day I called. Highly recommend Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa!” – Jane D., Ottawa East

“Professional, honest, and affordable. They waived the service fee after fixing my dryer. Exceptional experience!” – Mike S., Barrhaven

“I manage multiple properties and have been using Doctor Appliance for all our appliance repairs. Their team is reliable and consistently delivers top-notch service.” – Property Management Company

Don’t let appliance issues disrupt your routine. Book Your Free Service Call Today! and experience the unparalleled service you deserve. Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa, your trusted partner in maintaining all your Admiral appliance needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Doctor appliance technicians fix admiral appliances?

Yes! Our skilled and trained appliance repair technicians are experienced to work on all admiral appliance repairs. Plus, rest assured that all admiral repairs are done with original manufacturer made parts to ensure optimal performance of your admiral washing machine, admiral fridge, admiral dishwasher, or any other admiral appliance repair in Ottawa. Call 613-606-6038 to book a local admiral appliance technician!

Who can perform an admiral washing machine repair?

Doctor Appliances skilled technicians can repair admiral washing machines. We recommend contacting us for a professional-level Admiral washing machine repair. On a daily basis, our technicians fix washing machine leakages, overfilling of compartments, broken door seal, jammed washer door, clogged washer drain etc. This type of support could come in handy when your Admiral washing machine is broken. Call 613-606-6038 to take advantage of our free same day washer repair service in Ottawa.

How much does an Admiral washing machine repair cost in Ottawa?

Take advantage of our flat-rate service call to find out what is wrong with your Admiral washing machine. We’re sure you’ll love the excellent prices in Ottawa for appliance repair, which are considerably less than those other major cities like Montreal and Toronto! Our licensed technicians specialize on fixing issues with Admiral appliances.Call 613-606-6038 to book an Admiral appliance repair in Ottawa and the surrounding areas!

What are the costs of fixing a broken Admiral Fridge?

Many Admiral fridge owners in Ottawa grapple with the unpredictability of repair costs, which can fluctuate depending on the model of their refrigerator. Nervousness sets in as they consider whether there will be a readily available supply of components required for their specific fridge model. Additionally, it’s normal to seek clarity regarding the repair timeline and the extent of the warranty that will protect their investment. In cases where a repair might not be the most viable option, individuals are curious about the potential for a complete refrigerator replacement. Rest assured that our Admiral fridge repair technicians will always disclose the costs of a fridge repair. Plus, when you do go ahead with the repair, we are glad to waive the initial service call fee! Call 613-606-6038 to learn more about our fridge repair services.