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Appliance Repair Barrhaven

Appliance Repair Barrhaven

From new Barrhaven to old Barrhaven, our appliance repair technicians are available for all your Appliance Repair Barrhaven needs. Our technicians are on call to service your appliances throughout Barrhaven. We service all neighbours in Barrhaven for your appliance repair issues.

Appliance Repair Barrhaven

Appliance Repair Barrhaven

On a daily basis, our technicians can be found all around Barrhaven. Our technicians are often in the following Barrhaven neighbourhoods:

Strandherd Meadows, Longfields, Davidson Heights, Havenlea, Champman Mills, Rideau Glen, Stonebridge, Quinn’s Pointe, Barrhaven Mews, Pheasant Run, Fraservale, Knollsbrook, Havencourt and Havencrest.

Dishwasher Repair Barrhaven

dishwasher repair barrhaven ottawa

Washing dishes is not always one’s favourite household chore. That’s why most households have convenient dishwashers to clean their dishes. However, what happens when your dishwasher stops working? Rest assured, that you don’t have to result back to washing your dishes by hand. Instead, call 613-606-6038 for expert dishwasher repair advice. Our appliance repair technicians diagnose and repair many dishwashers. The common issues we frequently see with dishwashers is that the dishes aren’t drying, the dishwasher is leaking, the dishes are still dirty after a full cycle, and the dishwasher will not turn on. Are you experiencing any of these common issues? Contact Doctor Appliance today!


Fridge Repair Barrhaven

fridge repair barrhaven

At Doctor Appliance, we don’t want residents of Barrhaven to have food spoiled due to a broken fridge. As soon as you see an issue with your fridge, contact a specialist. It’s very difficult to fix a fridge yourself unless you have years of experience. With broken fridges, our appliance repair technicians are manufacturer trained to service all makes and models of fridges. Rest assured that we service fridges, freezers and ice makers on a daily basis.

Oven & Stove Repair Barrhaven

For all-electric oven and stove problems, we are here to help. When your oven or stove is not working as it should, there are several possibilities to consider. If your oven is not heating up as it should, it could perhaps need a new bake element or thermostat. Alongside, if your stove elements are burned out, a new element might be required. However, until an experienced technician diagnoses the appliance, we should never jump to conclusions. Instead, give Doctor Appliance a call to book our nearest appliance repair appointment.

Washing Machine Repair Barrhaven

dryer not heating

Like any household appliance, washing machines can break down too. We understand how annoying it is when your washing machine isn’t performing a thorough wash cycle. Also, having loud noises or a leak from your washing machine is also not pleasant. That is why we offer free same-day service for appliance repair needs in Barrhaven, Ontario. Reach out to us to diagnose your washing machine and repair it quickly and efficiently.

Dryer Repair Barrhaven

While hanging your clothes to dry is an alternative to using your dryer, this option is not so feasible in the wintertime. Also, many backyards in Barrhaven simply do not permit this option. Instead, forget the stress of hanging your clothes to dry and call your local dryer repair technicians. For a flat fee, a technician can come over and diagnose your dryer. Our appliance repair technicians carry the most common parts in their service vehicles. You’ll be surprised how quickly your dryer can work like new again.

Call 613-606-6038 to book your next appliance repair appointment in Barrhaven, Ontario

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See what the satisfied residents of Barrhaven have to say about Doctor Appliance. Read our 5 Star Reviews on Google before calling us!