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    #1 Appliance Repair in Gloucester Ontario

    gloucester appliance repair ontario doctor applianceGloucester Ontario captures a large portion of the city of Ottawa. From Mer Bleue Bog, the Rideau Carleton Raceway, Blackburn Hamlet, and all the way to Findlay Creek, Gloucester is huge! Are you looking for an appliance repair in Gloucester Ontario? Whether you’re located in Gloucester East or Gloucester South, Doctor Appliance is here for you.

    Extend the Life of Your Appliance

    Home appliances are an integral part of your life, that’s why you spend a good chunk of money on them. Timely maintenance & repair can make them last longer.

    If your appliance needs scheduled maintenance or repairs in Gloucester, we’re your #1 choice. Our team of highly trained and qualified appliance repair technicians offers impeccable appliance repair services in Gloucester Ontario.

    Dishwasher Repair Gloucester

    dishwasher repair gloucesterExperiencing problems with your dishwasher? Trust our dishwasher repair technicians nearby

    A dishwasher is a delicate appliance and requires extra cautiousness from users. If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen and it’s working improperly, then get in touch with us.

    Our dishwasher repair services are familiar with all kinds of common & complex issues that happen in the dishwasher.

    Whether you’re experiencing electrical problems, clogging, or leaky hose, we have you covered. Our certified & skilled technicians are very smart to deliver impeccable repairs. Looking for a plumber for your dishwasher installation? Reach out to our sister company, Plumber on the Phone Ottawa.

    Washing Machine Repair Gloucester

    washing machine repair gloucester

    The inconveniences caused by your washing machine might disrupt your household. To avoid the cost associated with long-term issues, your washer needs timely repairs.

    Our specialists are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of all types and brands of washing machines. Having years of experience in both domestic & commercial-grade washing machine repairs, they can identify the issues quickly – enabling them to deliver efficient services.

    Let our Appliance Repair Gloucester Technicians take care of your washer

    If your washer is producing irregular noise or not working properly, then let us inspect your washer to fix any issues. We perform washer and dryer repairs.

    Refrigerator Repair 

    “Keep your refrigerator in perfect working condition—It will serve you great cooling”

    One of the most expensive home appliances, a refrigerator is an integral part of every kitchen. If your refrigerator isn’t producing enough cooling, producing weird sounds, having leakage issues, or any other problems, then let us help you out.

    We’ve highly-trained & certified technicians that offer professional repair services.

    Microwave Repair

    “Having problems with your microwave? Get in touch with us”

    A microwave is an essential appliance that should be in your kitchen for an enjoyable cooking experience. Whether you’re looking for microwave repair, maintenance, and scheduled service – we’re your trusted choice.

    We provide prompt, easy, and highly efficient microwave repairs at an affordable cost. Regardless of the state of your microwave, we are at your disposal.

    Oven & Cooking Range Repair Gloucester

    Cooktop Repair Services Ottawa 2“Timely fix of your Cooking Range & Oven issues elongate their life”

    Got issues in your oven or cooking range? We provide highly professional appliance repair in Gloucester Ontario. Problems in an oven or cooking range can be difficult to detect but we have the right tools & hands to identify and fix any issue.

    Oven & cooking ranges are an essential part of your kitchen appliances. Regardless of whether they’re having an electrical issue, heating issue, door latches issue, or any other issue – no issue is too simple or complex for us to handle.

    We have highly professional technicians that are skilled & experienced enough to deliver efficient services.

    Looking for a comprehensive appliance repair Gloucester? For the best repairs, maintenance, and services, call Doctor Appliance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a service call cost for appliance repairs in Gloucester?

    When you need your appliance fixed quickly and efficiently, the experts at Doctor Appliance Ottawa have the know-how to get it done right. Take advantage of our flat-rate service call of $80 in Gloucester. Find out exactly what is wrong with your broken appliance, and how much it will cost to fix it. Thankfully, some repairs only require a service called and are fixed on the spot. Call 613-606-6038 to book our next availability!

    Are Doctor Appliance technicians local to Gloucester?

    Yes, at Doctor Appliance Ottawa, our team of skilled professionals live and work in Gloucester. We have technicians in Blackburn Hamlet, Carlsbad Springs, Riverside South, and Beacon Hill. Our team of qualified technicians perform appliance repair gloucester repairs on a daily basis. Call 613-606-6038 to book a local Gloucester appliance repair technician.