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Blackburn Hamlet Appliance Repair

Blackburn Hamlet Appliance Repair

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    Blackburn Hamlet Appliance Repair

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    Blackburn Hamlet is a friendly community nestled behind Pineview, and before Orleans in the East End of Ottawa. A neighbourhood with lots of families, children, and elderly alike. The perfect community for everyone. Blackburn Hamlet is home! We are proud to be the only Blackburn Hamlet Appliance Repair company here. We specialize in Blackburn Hamlet Fridge Repair and other home appliances, including washing machines, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, and more.

    Blackburn Hamlet Local

    Doctor Appliance is local to Blackburn Hamlet, just like you are. We care about our community and want to serve our neighbours by providing quality, honest, and affordable appliance repair to the residents of Blackburn Hamlet. Trust Doctor Appliance for your faulty dishwasher, broken stove, or leaking washing machine. Be sure to mention that you live in Blackburn Hamlet when calling Doctor Appliance Repair. Book now at 613-606-6038.

    Free Same-Day Appliance Repair Service

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    Take advantage of a close-by technician when your fridge breaks down. Don’t risk losing your precious food if your fridge isn’t cooling. Doctor Appliance is in the neighbourhood and is the Blackburn Hamlet fridge repair specialist. Not sure what to do when your appliance isn’t working? Give Doctor Appliance a call! You have more to lose, but not calling the Doctor today! Our team of local appliance repair technicians often fix appliances in just one visit! Call 613-606-6038 for efficient appliance repair solutions.

    Blackburn Appliance Repair Services

    Here is a list of common appliance repair problems:

     Blackburn Hamlet Appliance Repair Company

    To make it easier and more affordable for families, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa offers families of Blackburn Hamlet affordable appliance repair services. We offer a flat rate service call fee, that is waived once you go ahead with the repair! In addition, families in Blackburn will benefit from cheaper appliance parts and the best price for labour. Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa will be sure to become your friend, and trusted appliance technician for life. Contact us today!

    We believe that community is important. Relationship building is critical for a prosperous community. Doctor Appliance wants to provide exceptional service for the Blackburn Hamlet community. Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is the closest, quickest, and most reliable for local Appliance Repair.

    Read testimonials from our satisfied Blackburn Hamlet clients on Google Reviews and Facebook.

    In addition, Doctor Appliances provides exceptional appliance repair services in Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven, Greely, Gloucester, Nepean, Rockland, Cumberland, Russell, Kemptville and more surrounding areas.

    Doctor Appliance Proudly Sponsors the Blackburn Hamlet Woman’s Softball League!

    For 2023-2028, Doctor Appliance is a proud sponsor of the Blackburn ladies softball league! The softball league is an amazing community within Blackburn Hamlet. For 5 years, ladies’ softball players will wear a Doctor Appliance-sponsored uniform. How awesome is that?! We are proud to be a part of such an amazing community.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there local appliance repair technicians in Blackburn Hamlet?

    Yes! Doctor Appliance’s owner and technician, Ilya lives and works in Blackburn Hamlet. That is why we’re able to provide free same day appliance repair services in Blackburn. If you have a broken fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, washer or dryer, then call 613-606-6038 to reach a local appliance repair company near you.

    Is an appliance repair affordable in Blackburn Hamlet?

    Yes, an appliance repair is affordable in Blackburn Hamlet when you call Doctor Appliance. Take advantage of a flat-rate service call to find out what is wrong with your household appliance. Chances are, our Blackburn Hamlet local appliance repair technician can fix your broken appliance in just one visit. Plus, with Doctor Appliance there are never any hidden fees or additional costs. We have over 200 5 star reviews on Google for a reason. Call 613-606-6038 for an affordable and efficient appliance repair. 

    How much is an appliance repair service call in Blackburn Hamlet?

     In Blackburn Hamlet, the cost of a service call is $80. However, the service call is waived once you go ahead with the repair. Call 613-606-6038 to find out what is wrong with your appliance, and to find out how much money it will cost to fix it. Sometimes, an appliance can be fixed on the spot as Doctor Appliance local appliance repair technicians carry all common appliance repair parts in their service vehicles.