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Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa

For Doctor Appliances’ one year business anniversary (YIPPIE!), we wish to share the story of the man behind Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa. In a special Citizen of the World Podcast, owner and operator, Ilya Shifrin shares the Doctor Appliance story. As always, Citizen of the World Podcast shines a light on entrepreneurs that believe in serving others and following their true passions. In this post, learn about the founder and operator Ilya Shifrin, and discover his vision for Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa.

For Ilya, actually helping people is what brings him happiness, joy, and ultimately success.

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa

doctor appliance repair ottawa

Ilya is a firm believer in being a good person by being transparent and honest in business. By the age of 30, Ilya created two successful appliance repair businesses in Ottawa, Ontario. This owner and operator is a successful entrepreneur that we can all learn from. Step into his mindset with Episode 005 of Citizen of the World, the Podcast. Listen to his perspective on:

  • The best way to start a business
  • What is good customer satisfaction
  • Stepping into the unknown
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa Full Podcast on Spotify here

Who is Ilya?


After living in Europe, the Middle East, and finally the United States, Ilya made his way to Canada. At the young age of 25, he realized his dream of moving to Canada.

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa: Resiliency

“It was always my dream to come to Canada”

After managing a business in Texas, Ilya moved to Toronto where he learned how to fix appliances. With his cousin, Ilya built a successful appliance repair business. Ilya’s resiliency, positive attitude, and desire to help people is why he’s an incredible entrepreneur.  Ilya learned how to:

  • Manage a Business
  • Start Multiple Businesses
  • Fix Appliances
  • Book Appointments
  • Build a Website with Less Money
  • Think Positively
  • Help Others
  • Be the Best Version of Himself

Ilya likes to help others and provide amazing customer service.

Ilya says,  It’s important to connect to others and connect. Understand their problem. You get satisfaction from helping the customers, that’s what motivates me. It’s not about money, it’s about making people happy”. 

Motivated by Providing Value with Honest Appliance Repair

Direct Appliance Repair Service

doctor appliance repair ottawa

After building one appliance repair business, Ilya saw the need to start a business again, from scratch. He saw an opportunity in Ottawa to provide honest and affordable Appliance Repair Services. Instead of hiring a secretary, Ilya would focus on talking the calls himself. Doctor Appliance Ottawa’s policy of speaking directly to a technician provides residents of Ottawa with exceptional customer service.

Get quick diagnostics over the phone for Doctor Appliance Ottawa Repairs and Installations!

Second Appliance Repair Business

Doctor Appliance is Ilya’s second appliance repair business. When asked how he had the courage to start another business, and specifically, how did he make peace with going into the unknown? Ilya Shifrin says,

“You’re never in peace. You start something new. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s just a gamble”. Ilya’s favourite saying is , “You need to gamble to drink champagne”

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa After One Year

doctor appliance google reviews

Created in July 2019, in July 2020 it’s only natural that we’re celebrating Doctor Appliance’s First Birthday. It’s been a remarkable year, filled with great clients and superb appliance repair solutions. With over 150 5 Star Reviews on Google, it’s obvious we are doing something right! Clients continue to love Ilya’s professional and honest appliance repair services. We are continuing to grow and thank Ottawa for their continued support!

Expert Appliance Repair Team

Best Same Day Appliance Repair Service

Since Ilya started Doctor Appliance, the team has grown. Now a team of three appliance repair technicians, and growing. Rest assured that all appliance technicians share the same values of integrity and honesty as Ilya. Ilya has also trained each and every technician to provide the best appliance repair service possible.

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How exactly was Doctor Appliance created? With SEO web content. Citizen of the World podcast host, and Ilya’s wife, Kathleen Parisien made Doctor Appliance‘s website search-engine friendly with specific keywords and appliance repair web content. Are you looking for SEO content writing services? Rank your business on the first page of Google with SEO content. Give the search engines a reason to find your website! Get a free consultation with Kathleen today.

“I’ll be happy to grow your business just like Doctor Appliance Ottawa”