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Energy Savings Rebate Program

Energy Savings Rebate Program

Have you heard of the Energy Savings Rebate Program? In August 2019, the federal government announced the Energy Savings Rebate Program. Up to $200 million is being allocated to retailers in Ontario to sell energy star certified appliances. The incentive is to offer consumers 25% off energy-efficient products. The goal is focused on helping Ontario residents purchase energy-efficient appliances. The major retailers include Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Rona, and Canadian Appliance Source.

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Canadian Energy Savings Rebate Program

How can Canadians help fight climate change? According to Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, 

“The Energy Savings Rebate program will make sure Ontarians can fight climate change in an affordable way, saving them up to $1000 on energy-efficient home equipment from water heaters to fridges and stoves—the kind of products we use every day—and ultimately saving people money on energy costs, too. When Ontario canceled our jointly funded climate programs last year, we made sure to reinvest the money in projects that help Ontarians continue to be a part of the solution to climate change. Our investments will make sure Canada is a leader in the clean economy of the future so our children and grandchildren have good jobs, clean air, clean water, and a healthy future.”

Call a Professional Appliance Repair Technician

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Saving 25% on a brand new appliance sounds like a great deal. However, what happened with your previous appliance? Maybe we can help! Doctor Appliance Ottawa is always honest and transparent about appliance repair costs. If an appliance will be too expensive to fix, we will always recommend buying a new one. However, new appliances are not made like they used to. It’s always best to call Doctor Appliance before determining if your appliance lifespan is over. Receive a free quote over the phone by calling 613-606-6038. 

Energy Savings Rebate Program Appliances

Which products does the energy savings rebate program include? For a complete list, click here. But, for household appliances, here is what is eligible for 25% off:

  • Energy Star certified washer
  • Energy Star certified dryer
  • Energy Star certified washer/dryer combo
  • Energy Star certified dishwasher
  • Induction stovetop

Save 25% off energy star certified appliances at participating retailers. However, stoves, fridges, freezers, and ovens were not included. Looking for an appliance repair technician near you? Contact Doctor Appliance today. Check out our 5-star reviews on Google!

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