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Fix Dryer Ottawa

Fix Dryer Ottawa

Fix Dryer Ottawa

No heat in the dryer? Start switch on dryer not working? Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is qualified to fix dryers. Take advantage of free same-day service for your dryer repair in Ottawa. Unfortunately Ottawa is not a tropical climate, so the dryer needs to work. A broken dryer is inconvenient and annoying because the clothes won’t dry themselves. Take advantage of free same day service. Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa fixes dryers the same day that you call. We strive to make it as easy and fast as possible to fix your dryer.

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Dryer Repair Costs

Doctor Appliance is Ottawa’s first choice for affordable dryer repair costs. As a small family-run business, our costs are low. We strive to provide affordable, quality service on your dryer or any appliance. Serving the Ottawa area, we offer same day appointments and same day customer satisfaction. Our expert technicians can give you free estimates over the phone. When you need quick dryer service, trust the professionals at Doctor Appliance.

Local Dryer Repair

Looking for a dryer repair technician near you? Call the Doctor now to see how quick they can be at your doorstep. Being local to Ottawa is great as all neighbourhoods are close. Within a few hours, a professional technician can be at your door. Doctor Appliance technicians carry all common dryer parts needed for repairs. When booking your appointment, have your model number ready to receive even faster appliance repair.

Speak directly to an Appliance Repair Technician

Doctor Appliance is your initial point of contact when you call 613-606-6038. Daily, the doctor cures dryer issues. Our calls include, “fix dryer vent”, and “fix dryer not heating”. If there is no heat in the dryer, or the start switch on dryer is not working, call the Doctor today. Let a professional handle your appliance with care and precision. Perhaps a repair is not needed, and your dryer needs simple cleaning?

Common Dryer Issues

“Clothes take too long to dry” Is there any heat in your dryer? Your heat element might be broken. The air flow might not deficient. If so, a professional technician will be able to quickly diagnose your issue.

“Clothes warm but still wet” – Too much moisture, and the cycle doesn’t complete. Is this happening to you?

Check out this informative video showing how to clean lint out of the dryer.

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