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Excellent Fridge Repair Near Me In Ottawa
KitchenAid Built In Fridge Repair Near Me Ottawa

Same Day Fridge Repair Service

Are you struggling with your fridge? Is your fridge not cooling enough and water is leaking on the floor? Or is there any other problem with the fridge? In any case, you must be looking for a reliable and best-quality fridge repair service in Ottawa. So, no more worries because Doctor Appliance is there to solve your fridge problem. Our fridge repair technicians serve Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding areas. 

Due to its excellent appliance repair services, Doctor Appliance is the first choice of many people in Ottawa and nearby areas.

We Fix Fridge Problems:

The fridge is an essential part of everyday life. It is a hardy machine for long-term use but once it gets malfunctioned, it gets frustrating. There are many common problems with a fridge. Some of them remain unnoticeable and in the end, make a big loss. So you should have basic knowledge regarding frequent issues of a fridge.

Here are some common fridge problems:

  1. The fridge is not cooling efficiently. Whenever you open a fridge, you feel warm air coming out.
  2. The fridge unit is frequently cycling and producing constant noise.
  3. The fresh food compartment of the fridge is warming up.
  4. Water is leaking down on the floor due to a clogged water supply.
  5. The fridge door is not closing properly.
  6. Compressor fan of the fridge has stopped working or the compressor is producing noise.
  7. The fridge is freezing food.
  8. Ice builds up on the freezer floor.
  9. The freezer has broken.

These and many other fridge problems are commonly encountered in every household. And if you are also experiencing such problems then just make a call to Doctor Appliance and enjoy the service. They will provide you with the fastest and genuine services you might be looking for. Moreover, we recommend you not to try “ do it yourself” methods as they can be damaging to your refrigerator.

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Our fridge repair technicians are local in Ottawa and Gatineau

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Call Doctor Appliance For Fridge Repair Near You!

LG Fridge Repair Near Me

We fix broken ice makers, too!

Fridge Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q. Is repairing an old fridge a good option?

A. Repairing an old fridge is a reliable option. Why would you invest more money and buy a new fridge when you can repair the present one at a low expense? The technicians of Doctor Appliance always find an effective way to repair your fridge. However, if it’s worth buying a new fridge instead of fixing the existing fridge, our repair technicians will surely guide you regarding this.


Q. When should I call a fridge repair technician to fix my refrigerator?

A. If your fridge is showing the above-mentioned problems, then you must call repairers to fix the problem. But don’t make a delay as it can damage your food and can be harmful to your health. 

Make a call to Doctor Appliance straight away and its technicians will be available to fix your refrigerator with same-day repair services.

Q. Does Doctor Appliance provide service for every major appliance brand?

A. Yes, Doctor Appliance provides technicians with many years of experience to repair your fridge. They provide services for every major brand like Samsung, Jenn-Air, Whirpool, LG, Electrolux, and all other residential fridge makes and models. 

Q. How Much Does A Fridge Repair Cost?

A. If you want to know how much it costs to repair a fridge in Ottawa, then I must tell you that it depends upon the type of repair. Depending upon the problem of the fridge, the actual price can be estimated. In Ottawa, it costs approximately $250-500$ for fridge repairs. However, our flat-rate service call fee is $80 and is waived once you go ahead with the repair. Sometimes, a service call is all that’s needed to fix fridges!

Built-in refrigerators with less than five years of age are comparatively less expensive than refrigerators with more than five years of age. Yet, you can’t deny the advantage of repairing by a skilled technician that will not let your fridge be out of order. 

And Doctor Appliance is the best provider of such technicians, so you don’t need to invest more money and buy a new fridge.

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Why should you choose Doctor Appliance for your fridge repair?

Among numerous repair companies in Ottawa, why should you select Doctor Appliance for your fridge repair? Here are the prime reasons that make Doctor Appliance a top-notch repair company in Ottawa:

  • Exceptionally trained technicians:

Doctor Appliance benefits its customers through exceptionally trained technicians. These punctual and skilled technicians not only provide the services but also educate their customers. They help you know about what the problem is and how did they solve it. They are fair enough towards their responsibilities.

  • Five Star Review:

Doctor Appliance is a certified appliance repair in Ottawa. With 5 star rating and 190 positive reviews, Doctor Appliance is enjoying a credible position in the eyes of its customers. You can check these reviews and clear all your doubts.

  • Warranty and Guaranteed Service:

Doctor Appliance is the only company in Ottawa offering 90 days warranty on all the services. They also offer a 20% discount for returning customers. They guarantee 100% satisfaction to their customers.

  • Free Same Day Service:

Doctor Appliance understands your concerns and that’s why this company offers free same-day service for the residents of Ottawa. They care about your comfort and requirements. This is the reason they always manage to serve you through same-day service. 

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