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Fridge Warming Up

Fridge Warm, Freezer Cold? Are you looking for a fridge repair specialist? This is a common Fridge problem. Why is this happening? The Doctor knows! When the fridge control board fails, there are many reasons to explain this failure. It is not necessary a control board issue, there are other possibilities. It could be a fan motor issue, or the fridge thermostat is broken. Most importantly, if the fridge will not defrost properly, there will be an issue. The fridge is a machine just like any other, and if one part is not working properly, then the fridge as a whole cannot perform.ice build up in freezer

Fridge Not Defrosting

If the fridge does not defrost, there will be an ice build up in your freezer. In addition, in bottom a freezer, ice accumulates around the coils because the airflow is blocked from moving up into the fridge.

ice build up in fridge

Fridge Warm, Freezer Frosting

On a top mount freezer, when the fridge cycle doesn’t perform a proper defrost, there are many factors to consider. Does the fridge have a thermostat issue, a freezer fan malfunction, or is the heating element not working? It could also be a broken control board or a defrost timer issue. As a result, the fridge will not defrost. Without running the defrost cycle, the fridge is unable to melt the ice built up around the coils by itself. It needs the attention of a professional to determine what causes. We need to see which part of the fridge is faulty that is making the ice build up. Regardless of a top mount freezer, or a bottom mount freezer.

Did someone leave the fridge door open?

Do you see ice build up in your fridge or freezer? Be sure to keep the doors closed to keep the fridge working properly. If a fridge door was accidentally left open, you will not not a professional. However, if the ice build up continues even after keeping the door shut closed, then be sure to call Doctor Appliance. Take advantage of Free Same Day Appliance Repair Service.

Samsung Fridge Repair

samsung appliance repairIn fridges with twin cooling technology, the fridge works differently. To perform Samsung fridge repair, the fridge will have coils. There could be a build up in the fridge section. In a Samsung fridge, we often see ice build up in the fridge instead of the freezer. This is a result of twin cooling technology. This Samsung Customer Service Website is located in India. Be sure to call Doctor Appliance at 613-606-6038 for local, Samsung Fridge Repair Specialists!