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Gatineau Fridge Repair

Gatineau Fridge Repair

Fridge problems must be assessed and dealt with as soon as possible. This is why our local fridge repair technicians in Gatineau offer immediate assistance. No matter the model or brand of your fridge, we are skilled in helping you manage this situation. We commit to offering 100% satisfaction on all our services, focusing on your needs and expectations. For all your Gatineau fridge repair needs, contact Doctor Appliance.

Fridge Repair Gatineau

It is best to avoid performing fridge repairs by yourself. It is a sensitive task that requires a lot of attention to detail and technical expertise. Our team is highly trained in identifying, managing, and solving a wide array of common fridge problems in Gatineau and Ottawa!

fridge repair gatineauWhich Are The Most Common Fridge Problems?


#1 The fridge stopped cooling.

One of the most common reasons why homeowners request fridge repair services in Gatineau and Ottawa is a device not cooling. However, it can happen due to a wide array of reasons, which is why we advise against DIY repair approaches.


Some of the reasons why a fridge stops cooling include dirty condenser coils, malfunctioning fan motor, or issues with the control thermostat. There are numerous components that need to be checked, which is why requesting the help of a local technician is more than recommended.


#2 The fridge doesn’t defrost

Another frequent issue among homeowners is a refrigerator that stops defrosting. Even though it can be unlikely to occur, it happens because some key elements of your fridge get too damaged or too old.


Our expert appliance repair technicians say that a fridge can stop defrosting if there is a failure with the control board, timer, heater assembly, or thermostat. But the defrost sensor can have a say, too. It is highly recommended to request professional fridge repair in Gatineau or Ottawa as soon as you experience this problem. Your device must be checked and assessed thoroughly to restore its functionality.


#3 The fridge stays warm even though the freezer is cool

If you’re having trouble with your fresh foods compartment, you should know you’re not alone. Most homeowners in Gatineau and Ottawa experience this issue at least once!


A common cause of this issue is a defective heater assembly. If the evaporator coils are frosted over, the fridge is unable to maintain adequate temperature. A professional can fix this, so you shouldn’t attempt to solve the problem yourself.


Several other fridge components can keep the fresh foods compartment warm. For example, the control assembly, the fan motor, or the temperature control board can experience issues. With professional troubleshooting services for fridges, you can repair your device and continue to use it for years to come.


#4 The fridge is leaking water.


Our technicians for fridge repair in Gatineau and Ottawa frequently encounter devices that leak water. This occurs due to a wide array of reasons. So, it is vital to have a full assessment of your fridge before attempting any repairs.


A fridge can leak water because the freezing defrosts drain is clogged. A malfunctioning water tank assembly or inlet valve can too cause this problem. An experienced technician will check, clean, and repair those vital components.

#5 The fridge freezes food.

If you notice ice crystals in your fresh foods compartment, you need professional fridge repair services in Gatineau and Ottawa. The temperature control thermostat is usually to blame. It can freeze your food if it stops functioning since it causes the refrigerant system to function longer than necessary.

The thermistor and temperature control board are some other components that can make your food frozen. A technician can diagnose the problem and take the necessary steps to repair your fridge


Gatineau JennAir Fridge repair near me ottawa

Reach Out Today For Certified Gatineau Fridge Repair!

Fridge repair in Gatineau and Ottawa is more common than you think! However, it is always best to choose services offered by knowledgeable and licensed technicians rather than performing DIY projects.

Your fridge can last for several years if it is maintained properly. Reach out today to discuss with one of our experts about your problem. You’ll benefit from certified fridge repair performed by one of our local fridge repair technicians in Gatineau or Ottawa.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a Gatineau fridge repair take?

     If you live in the Outaouais region and have a broken fridge, Doctor Appliance can help. Our mobile technicians live and work in Gatineau to provide an efficient and affordable fridge repair service. Call 613-606-6038 to book a free same day fridge repair service. We understand a broken fridge is problematic, so we’ll do our best to have it repaired quickly.


    How much does a fridge repair cost in Gatineau?

    Depending on the nature of the fridge repair, the cost can vary. Rest assured, that a fridge repair is always more affordable than buying a whole new fridge. Call 613-606-6038 to book a flat-rate fridge repair service in Gatineau. Our fridge repair specialist is waiting for your call and can answer all your fridge repair questions.