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#1 Ottawa Inglis Appliance Repair Service

Did you know that Inglis Appliances has been a household name since 1973? Known for its iconic Inglis refrigerator and washing machine, this innovative company has been keeping homes across Canada running smoothly for decades. But what happens when you need an Inglis appliance repair in Ottawa? Don’t worry, Doctor Appliance is here to help. With our perfect Ottawa appliance 5-star rating, we’re the go-to choice for Inglis appliance repair in Ottawa. Our team of dedicated Inglis appliance repair professionals is always ready to make your life easier with efficient and friendly service. Let us handle the repair, so you can get back to enjoying all the amazing things your Inglis appliance can do!

Inglis Appliance Parts

Whether your Inglis appliance needs a little extra care or is not performing like it used to, our team of friendly and skilled technicians at Doctor Appliance Inglis is here to help. From Inglis Refrigerator Repair to Inglis Washer Repair, trust us to handle all your Inglis appliance repair needs. We only source original Inglis OEM parts for all our appliance repair services. Don’t let a malfunctioning appliance ruin your day – contact us today and restore your Inglis appliance to its full functionality!

Inglis Appliance Repair Ottawa

inglis appliance repair ottawaAre you looking for a reliable Ottawa Inglis Appliance Repair Company? Rest assured that our technicians are manufacturer-trained and qualified to fix the following appliances:

Most Common Inglis Fridge Repairs

Inglis Fridge Repair Ottawa

If you are facing these problems in your Inglis Refrigerator, then it is time for its maintenance and repair. You need to call Doctor Appliance for a professional fridge technician to come over and diagnose the issue. Inglis fridges are built in Canada and are meant to last. But, when your Inglis fridge does break down they are worth repairing. Enjoy our fridge repair services instead of buying a new fridge.


inglis refigerator repairWhen a fridge breaks down, it’s incredibly inconvenient. All of your groceries are suddenly at risk of spoiling. What could the issue be? The refrigerator was working fine for all this time, now what? Here are the reasons why your Inglis fridge is not cooling well.

  • Frosted evaporator coil
  • Faulty evaporator fan
  • Broken frosting system
  • Faulty compressor
  • Insufficient refrigerant level
  • Dirt in the condenser coil
  • Defective condenser fan
  • There is an issue with the start relay
  • Defective capacitor
  • Faulty thermistor


There is a combination of factors that result in your Inglis fridge not cooling. There may maybe a control board issue. It could also be a broken thermostat. Or, perhaps your Inglis fridge not cooling needs the tender love and attention of an appliance repair technician. It’s hard to diagnose your fridge over the phone, instead, a technician will need to come over to diagnose the fridge.


Our professional technicians know every issue of Inglis Appliances and can find solutions for your broken appliances. These are some common and main issues that are important to resolve. Doctor Appliance has a competitive advantage over other service providers in such a way that we provide quality work with honest and reasonable prices. You don’t have to visit our office or stress. Just call us at 613-606-6038 and our professional technician will be at your doorstep within no time!


The following are the reasons your Inglis Washer is not working and it needs to repair.

  • The washer is not turning on
  • The washer is shaking intensely
  • Drainer is not working
  • Spinner is not working
  • Water is leaking
  • Washer is noisy
  • Smelly washer
  • Washer does not finish its cycle
  • The dispenser is not working


Inglis Refrigerator Repair ottawaAlong with washers, refrigerator, and fridge doctor appliance offers you great services for repairing all kinds of Inglis brand products. Whether you are looking for dryer repair, dishwasher repair, Inglis refrigerator repair, stove, and oven repair, we provide you fast, elegant and efficient service and maintenance at your doorstep. Our fully skilled Inglis technicians are always ready to serve people in their surroundings. They are trained in such a way that they can diagnose and repair any fault.


Just call us and we are here to repair your all household appliances. Our experienced technicians are always available for your all your Inglis Appliance Repair needs. Ask us about our free same-day appliance repair service!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue with my Inglis appliance, who can help?

 Today, the Canadian appliance brand Inglis is a sub brand of Whirlpool Corporation. At Doctor Appliance Ottawa, our professional appliance repair technicians can source replacement parts easily and affordably. Our appliance repair technicians love working on Inglis appliances as from our experience Inglis appliances are the most reliable in their class. If you need any help with Inglis Appliances in Ottawa call Doctor Appliance at 613-606-6038 today.

Why is my top load Inglis washer not spinning?

With Inglis washing machines, our technicians see that the most common issue is a faulty lid safety switch. The reason for that is because the washing machine lid is dropped too often and not closed softly. This damages the safety mechanism which prevents the washer from spinning. Thankfully, at Doctor Appliance Ottawa, our technicians carry most common parts in their service vehicles so we can fix it on the spot. Call 613-606-6038 to book an Inglis washer repair today!