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Is Your Inglis Fridge Not Cooling?

Is Your Inglis Fridge Not Cooling?

Inglis Appliance Repair

Interestingly enough, Inglis appliances are a uniquely Canadian brand.  150 years ago, John Inglis started a family-run appliance company in Guelph, Ontario. Their mission was simple, to provide lasting appliances. Today, Inglis maintains the same family values in their companies’ mission, which is to provide hard-working and long-lasting laundry and kitchen appliances.  At Doctor Appliance, another family-run appliance company, we are trained and qualified for all Inglis appliance repairs. Our appliance repair technicians are experts in Inglis fridge and all other Inglis repair needs. Is your Inglis fridge not cooling? Contact Doctor Appliance today.

Inglis Fridge Repair Ottawa – Is Your Inglis Fridge Not Cooling?

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Inglis appliances require special attention when it comes to adequate maintenance. But, of course, this doesn’t imply your Inglis fridge will never malfunction! One of the most common complaints among homeowners is about an Inglis fridge, not cooling. We recommend that you request the services of an experienced technician to assess your device. Only professional Inglis appliance repairs services can help you deal with the situation and restore your fridge’s functionality. Next, we share some of the most common problems that make an Inglis fridge not cool!

Dirty condenser coils – Inglis Fridge Repair

When it comes to an Inglis fridge, not cooling, a technician will check the condenser coils. These are usually positioned under the refrigerator, being responsible for dissipating heat. But if the condenser coils get dirty, the fridge will become less efficient with dissipating heat. As a result, an Inglis fridge will not be able to keep up an adequate temperature.

Malfunctioning condenser fan motor
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The condenser fan motor is the one that draws air through the condenser coils and over to the compressor. If your Inglis fridge isn’t cooling, it might be because of a malfunctioning condenser fan motor. If the motor is defective, it prevents your fridge from performing the air ventilation necessary to cool properly.

Malfunctioning fan motor

Another common Inglis appliance repair is related to the fan motor. This component draws air over the cooling coils and circulates it to the fridge and freezer compartments. If this isn’t working adequately, it won’t distribute the cold air to your fridge, preventing your Inglis fridge from cooling.

Problems with the temperature control board

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Sometimes, an Inglis fridge not cooling might occur because of a malfunctioning temperature board. An experienced technician can assess the device and determine the best approach. Remember that control boards are usually misdiagnosed, so you should avoid DIY repair attempts. The temperature control board is the one that sends voltage to the cooling system. Hence, if your Inglis fridge is not cooling, it might be time to request a professional service.

Old compressor

Sometimes due to frequent wear and tear an Inglis fridge might need a new compressor. This is a pump that compresses the refrigerant and circulates it to the evaporator and condenser coils. If it stops functioning, the refrigerator won’t cool. This is one of the rarest situations encountered when a fridge isn’t cooling. So, it is highly recommended to ask a technician to assess your device. Your Inglis fridge might not be cooling due to a wide array of factors. 

Doctor Appliance Inglis Fridge Repair

inglis fridge repair ottawa is your inglis fridge not cooling?

If your Inglis fridge isn’t cooling, you should consider professional Inglis appliance repair services. Only an experienced technician can identify and address the problem in little to no time. Remember that DIY projects might cause further damage to your device. Usually, one or more of the factors listed above can lead to an Inglis fridge not cooling. It is challenging to diagnose this appliance remotely, so asking a technician to diagnose your fridge is the best approach! Contact Doctor Appliance for free same-day Inglis fridge repair services.