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    From dishwashers to refrigerators, Jenn-Air produces some of the best quality kitchen appliances today that make kitchen chores easier. Like other electrical devices, these appliances may require repairs now and then. Repairs performed by Doctor Appliance stand the test of time and allow you to get the most use of your appliances. Contact us for Jenn-Air Dishwasher repair, Jenn-Air fridge repair, or any other Ottawa Jenn-Air appliance repair needs. We also perform Jenn-Air Cooktop Repairs.

    We repair and install all brands and makes of household appliances.

    Ottawa Jenn-Air Appliance Repair

    Doctor Appliance Technicians are affordable and efficient. Our crews work fast to ensure that all your appliances work as soon as possible. Considering the complexity of these home appliances, we have the skills and expertise needed to handle all Jenn-Air appliances repairs. Our qualified technicians not only possess the required knowledge but also have hands-on experience working on Jenn-Air appliances. 

    Same Day Ottawa Appliance Repair

    If you’re currently having issues with Jenn-Air Appliances, don’t hesitate to call Doctor Appliance today. Speak directly with any of our experienced and professional appliance repair technicians. As you already know, any sub-standard work could compromise your entire appliance and result in further damage.

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    Our local Ottawa Appliance Repair Technicians fix the following Jenn-Air Appliances:

    • Jenn-Air Refrigerator Repair
    • Microwave Oven Repair
    • Cooktop Repair
    • Jenn-Air Dishwasher Repair

    Jenn-Air Appliances

    If you’re also having trouble locating a part for your Jenn-Air appliance, we can help you out. When we assess your machine and determine the issue, we can then source the required part and help you install it.

    Jenn-Air Cooktop Repair

    If your Jenn-Air Cooktop is not working or the burner is not igniting, consider getting in touch with us. Over some time or due to improper handling of your appliance, malfunctions happen. These repairs are tricky as technicians must diagnose, then think quickly about the best plan of action. Our appliance repair technicians work efficiently to have your appliance working like new in no time. Learn more about our Ottawa Cooktop Repair Services. Contact us to ask about our free same-day service.

    Jenn-Air Experienced Technicians 

    Our Jenn-Air Cooktop repair services operate based on sound communication with our clients. We understand the inner workings of these ovens, making it easier for us to perform speedy repairs. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in repairing all makes and models of Jenn-Air Cooktops and Rangetops.

    Ottawa Jenn-Air Fridge Repair

    jenn air fridge repair ottawaJenn-Air refrigerators are very high-end appliances that should only be handled by professional technicians if they begin to malfunction. Whether it is thermostat problems, noisy compartments, water leaks, ice maker not working, or faulty motors, these common refrigerator problems need care and attention as soon as you notice them. Restoring a Jenn-Air Fridge appliance can be one of the more difficult tasks you’ll ever have to perform. For your Jenn-Air fridge repair in Ottawa, you’ve got to allow the best in the business to take care of it. Call Doctor Appliance for all your Jenn-Air fridge repairs. 

    Our Ottawa Jenn-Air Fridge Repair technicians solve these common problems on a daily basis:

    • Jenn-Air Fridge Not Cooling
    • Jenn-Air Fridge Not Making Ice
    • “My Jenn-Air fridge is not cooling but the freezer is working”
    • Jenn-Air fridge not defrosting

    Rest assured that we provide free same-day fridges repairs for all Jenn-Air fridge issues. Have peace of mind with our qualified and Jenn-Air certified appliance repair technicians.

    Jenn-Air Dishwasher Repairs

    Jenn-Air logoIf your Jenn-Air Dishwasher is noisy, does not start, not draining, or not cleaning dishes properly, contact the services of Doctor Appliance. We help to prevent any further damages or arrange for possible replacements. Our certified experts can repair all Jenn-Air Dishwasher makes and models. From minor to major repairs, our skilled technicians can fix whatever problem you’re having with your dishwasher. With our friendly assistance, you’ll never have to worry about your dishwasher, not working properly again. Contact Doctor Appliance for all your Jenn-Air Dishwasher Repairs.

    Why Choose Doctor Appliance Repair for Jenn-Air Appliances?

    Jenn-Air cooktopAt Doctor Appliance Repair, we offer speedy same-day repairs for all appliance repairs. The quality of our repairs is top-notch, and we also provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are available 7 days a week to attend to your appliance needs. We’ve been able to display a proven track record of helping our clients. We provide affordable home appliances repairs that come with a guarantee. We are committed to providing long-term solutions to your persistent repair problems.

    5 Star Reviews on Google

    doctor appliance google reviewsSee our satisfied customer recommendations on Google. Our customers love Doctor Appliance for our efficient, prompt, affordable, and professional services. Save time and money by speaking with the owner, and technician himself.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there local Ottawa technicians that can perform Jenn Air appliance repairs?

    Yes, Doctor Appliance Ottawa has mobile technicians near you that are experienced and qualified to perform Jenn Air appliance repairs. Our technicians can source affordable Jenn air appliance repair parts to fix your broken appliance. It’s not always easy to diagnose an issue with your appliances, which is why we’re here for you! Call 613-606-6038 to speak with an appliance repair specialist today

    Who can perform a Jenn Air fridge repair?

    At Doctor Appliance, we pride ourselves on offering the best rates and service for Jenn Air fridge repairs. We are very experienced with high end appliances like Jenn Air and know how to source original manufacturer parts quickly. Every repair comes with warranty on parts and labour. Call 613-606-6038 to book a Jenn Air fridge repair in Ottawa.

    Why is one of my Jenn Air cooktop elements not working?

    According to our professional appliance repair technician, there are two potential reasons for your Jenn Air element not to work. Firstly, there could be a faulty element switch. Secondly, the element itself might be faulty and will need to be replaced. Call 613-606-6038 to book a professional diagnostic of why your Jenn Air cooktop element is not working, in Ottawa.