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Kenmore Washing Machine Repair Ottawa: What To Do When The Washer Doesn’t Spin!?

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair Ottawa: What to Do When the Washer Doesn’t Spin!?

Admit it! You don’t think too much about your washing machine! But when it breaks down, you feel like it is a challenge you can’t face! With the help of Kenmore washing machine repair services in Ottawa, you can overcome any washer problems you might encounter. Learn some of the most common causes that prevent your Kenmore washing machine from spinning! Are you looking for Kenmore Washing Machine Repair in Ottawa? You’ve come to the right place!

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Kenmore Washing Machine Repair Ottawa

Kenmore washing machines come in both top and front loaders. They are very popular amongst families in Ottawa for their affordability and durability. However, like all appliances, they do require regular maintenance, and sometimes they do break down. When your washing machine does break down, rest assured that you can trust the appliance repair technicians at Doctor Appliance. With over 150 5 star reviews on Google, Ottawa residents are beyond satisfied with our appliance repair services!

Here are some of the most common causes that prevent your Kenmore washing machine from spinning!


Lid Switch Washing Machine Issues

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One of the most frequent Kenmore washing machine problems happens because of the lid switch assembly. This lid prevents the washer from spinning if the lid is open. But when it malfunctions, it will prevent your washer from spinning even though the lid is closed. A Kenmore washing machine repair technician can assess and determine if the lid switch assembly is defective with a multimeter test’s help.


Motor Coupling Malfunction


A major component of a Kenmore washing machine is the motor coupling. This connects the motor to the washing machine transmission so that your device can perform at the highest standards. But if you overload your washer, the coupling will fail in time. Of course, the motor coupling can malfunction due to wear and tear. A thorough inspection of your Kenmore machine can tell a technician which parts need replacement.


Motor Control Board


kenmore washing machine and dryer repair ottawa doctor applianceThe motor control board powers the motor in your Kenmore washing machine. If it malfunctions, the washer may not function properly. And in some cases, it can stop working at all. A technician can verify the control board for burned out components. Remember that DIY repairs can damage your washing machine beyond repair. So, it is highly recommended to request a professional Kenmore washing machine repair Ottawa services as soon as you notice there is something wrong with your appliance.

Bearing System Malfunction


Another vital component of your Kenmore washing machine is the rear drum and its bearing system. This assembly keeps the inner tube spinning smoothly. But if your device has a defective bearing system, the washer can make loud noises and stop spinning unexpectedly. You should know that replacing the tub and bearing isn’t a simple task. You’ll need a technician to repair a Kenmore washing machine in Ottawa.  However, if your washing machine has a bearing issue, it may not be worth the repair. Our honest and friendly technicians will always be upfront about appliance repair fees. If it’s cheaper to buy a new appliance than to fix an existing washing machine, we will honestly tell you so.

Transmission Wear And Tear

kenmore washing machine repair ottawa doctor appliance

Your Kenmore washer relies on the transmission. And this can get damaged in time due to frequent wear and tear. Keep in mind that transmissions come with gears that can fail and make your washer not spinning. It is a less common problem with Kenmore washing machines, but only a technician can determine whether this is the case for you. The transmission can be replaced, which will restore your washer’s functionality.


Call Doctor Appliance Ottawa

There are several problems which you can encounter with your Kenmore washing machine. It is always best to avoid DIY repair projects and request professional help. An experienced Kenmore washing machine technician repair can evaluate and suggest the best approach for your washer. Call doctor appliance today at 613-606-6038. Be sure to ask about our free same day appliance repair service!