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Microwave Oven Repair Ottawa
Samsung Built In Microwave Oven Combination Repair Ottawa

Microwaves are mostly inexpensive, which is why you can encounter this appliance in most households. And sometimes, it’s tempting to just throw it away as soon as it malfunctions. However, our expert appliance repair technicians say that a professional microwave repair service can help you restore the device’s functionality and continue to use it with ease. Before you throw your microwave, you should request a professional assessment from one of our local technicians. Sometimes troubleshooting the appliance can be more beneficial than not doing so! Our appliance repair technicians have 5 Star Google Certified Ratings. For all Microwave Repair Ottawa needs, you can rely on Doctor Appliance

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Which Are The Most Common Microwave Problems?

Most households use a microwave daily. It is part of our routines and represents a major help for most families. It conveniently warms your ready-to-eat food, being versatile, cost-efficient, and simple to use. Hence, if you notice your microwave is malfunctioning, you should consider microwave repair services in Gatineau and Ottawa. It can save you some money in the long term and can fix the issue immediately. Here are some of the most common microwave problems our team can help you with.


#1 Microwave will not run

A common situation in which homeowners request microwave repair is a device that simply stopped running. It can happen due to a wide array of reasons, usually being part of a more complex problem. A technician will ensure the microwave receives adequate power from the outlet. And if this isn’t the cause of its malfunctioning, we will move forward to assess the components. For example, a malfunctioning door switch can make a countertop or a built-in microwave stop functioning. Likewise, a door switch interlock system will prevent the unit from operating. But at the same time, a broker thermal or ceramic fuse will cause problems. A certified microwave repair technician can manage all these situations and help the microwave function again.


#2 The microwave works, but it doesn’t have heat

At the end of each microwave cycle, your food should be warmed accordingly to your settings. Even though you might think this makes your device useless, you should know that it can be fixed.


Problems with microwave voltage diode or magnetron are the leading causes of microwave not heating food. These parts are replaceable but are challenging to access. It would be best if you didn’t attempt to repair your microwave yourself. Only a certified microwave repair technician can identify the malfunctioning part, replace it and safely restore the functionality of your microwave.


#3 The microwave touchpad is broken

Another reason why people request microwave repair services is trouble with the touchpad. Even though it might turn on, it simply doesn’t respond to your request. Luckily, it can be fixed! An unresponsive touchpad can be the result of a malfunctioning membrane switch or control board. This requires professional assistance for the best repair results. An experienced microwave repair technician will perform the necessary steps to repair your device immediately. We can source microwave repair parts for less than our competitors. In addition, we usually fix microwaves in just one visit!


#4 Microwave tray is broken

The tray inside the microwave is usually supposed to turn when you move the device. Its purpose is to ensure even heat to the food you’re microwaving. A broken drive motor can be the cause of a malfunctioning tray. This component is responsible for the rotating motion required to move the tray. Simply replacing the moto will resolve the problem.


In some cases, a broker roller guide is the one that stops the tray from moving. Normal wear and tear can damage it, preventing the tray from moving. A technician can replace it and restore the device to its full functionality.


#5 The microwave makes a lot of noise

Excessive noise is another telltale sign there is something wrong with your microwave. It can be the direct result of several problems, which is why it is necessary to request a full evaluation of your device.


A faulty drive motor, magnetron, cooling fan, or roller guide can determine your microwave to make excessive noise. But at the same time, a high voltage diode can interfere and cause a lot of noise. Again, assistance from a licensed technician can offer access to immediate microwave repair.
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#6 The microwave has a malfunctioning fan

Some microwaves come with an exhaust fan included so that you can install them in your kitchen’s furniture. This offers excellent convenience and versatility. But at the same time, it is a major disadvantage.

An exhaust fan can get damaged due to frequent wear and tear. This is because it comes with filters that absorb pollutants and grease while cooking. Hence, a clogged filter can make your microwave malfunction. Simply replacing the filters can fix this issue.

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No matter whether you have a broken microwave, broken refrigerator, oven, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, or any other home appliance, hiring the right company for repairing service is worth it. Our experienced and professional microwave repair technicians can easily find out the issue and fix it quickly. It’s an added bonus that all doctor appliance technicians are trained and qualified to service all microwave makes and models. For your LG, GE, Bosch or any other appliance, call Doctor Appliance.

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When it comes to home appliance repairing service in Ottawa, Doctor Appliance is your #1 choice. We have a great 5-star reputation with reviews on Google. See what our satisfied customers have to say about our Ottawa Appliance Repair Services.

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Whether you have a countertop microwave or a built-in microwave, servicing it with an expert is key to restoring its functionality. Professional microwave repair services in Gatineau and Ottawa can offer rapid troubleshooting to this important component in your household.


Before you throw away your device, you should discuss it with a licensed technician. Sometimes all you need is to replace some components for the problem to get fixed. Take advantage of our flat-rate service call to find out exactly what is wrong with your microwave. We fix microwaves quickly and affordably.

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