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Most Common Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Parts

Most Common Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Parts

Broken appliances aren’t just a problem for Ottawa residents, they’re an issue that affects people in every city. One of the most common issues faced by those living here? A faulty washing machine and its subsequent repair parts! In today’s blog post, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa technicians share advice and insight on washing machine repair parts. This post is not meant to guide DIY appliance repairs, but rather to share professional advice on which appliance parts we carry and replace on a daily basis.  So, if you may need an Ottawa washing machine repair, make sure to read this blog post!

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Washer Inlet Valve Replacement

One most common Ottawa washing machine repair part is the washer inlet valve. You might think that your washing machine is a safe place, but you should always be aware of its inlet valve. This little metal box lives on the top front part of most models and monitors how much water they contain at all times by closing off half-filled containers when needed to prevent overflow or flooding! If the washer inlet valve is closed, it will not allow any water to come in when you’re trying to wash clothes. So, if your washing machine is experiencing a slow fill, then it’s best to contact a local Ottawa washer repair technician for a washer inlet valve replacement part.

Ottawa Washer Door Seal Replacement Washer Part

When your front-loading washer is not performing as it should, our appliance repair technicians will often change the door boot or gasket. There are a few common reasons for this:

  • Mould – The factory door gasket is designed to prevent mould from growing on it, but over time this coating washes off and the opportunity for more accumulation increases. Especially if you don’t leave your doors open after a wash cycle.
  • Not checking your pockets before putting clothes into the washing machine could cause a leak. If you forget and something like an earring pierces through to the sealant, then there will be moisture inside which means it’s time for a new door seal.
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Washing Machine Drain Pump Repair

The most common reason for a drain pump failure is forgetting items in your pocket. Coins, hairpins or even metal supports from bras can cause major damage and our repair technicians always recommend checking yourself before placing clothes into the washing machine to avoid this problem at all costs!

Main Control Board Washer Repair

You may have noticed that your appliance is not working like it used to. For example, if you’re laundry isn’t getting clean or the machine stops spinning at all, then there could be a problem with the washer’s main control board. In this case, call a local Ottawa washer repair technician for an efficient and professional part replacement. However, only 70% of the time is it more cost-efficient to have the washer repaired versus buying a new one. It’s best to book a service call with a local technician to get an accurate quote to replace your washer’s main control board.

Motor Control Unit Washing Machine Repair Part

The motor control unit (MCU) of a washing machine is responsible for sending power to the various motors that move water through an agitator, spin clothes on top and mix detergent with your favourite fabric softener or bleach solution. Our washer repair technicians often replace this part in Whirlpool and Frigidaire washers. However, other washing machine makes and models also have MCUs that can be faulty and need replacing.

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Washing Machine Door Lock Repair

The door lock on your washing machine is one of the most important components. It’s responsible for preventing opening during a wash or spin cycle and should operate freely without any issues whatsoever, but sometimes they fail due to various reasons:

  • Excessive force
  • Trying to open the door when it’s locked
  • Dropping the lid too hard and too often
  • Slamming the door of the front load washing machine
  • Wear and tear

Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Technicians

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa has the most comprehensive parts inventory of any washing machine supplier. We carry almost every replacement part for your appliances, so you can rest assured that if we don’t have it in our warehouse then no one does! Plus, our certified washing machine repair technicians have years of experience with fixing appliances efficiently and affordably.

Need an Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Service?

If you need a washer repair in Ottawa, Doctor Appliance is here to help. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary for any type of washing machine issue that may come up! We also carry replacement parts so we can usually fix your appliance on-site too; just give us a call today about scheduling an appointment near National Capital region residents like yourself who want quick service from qualified professionals when their broken down or worn out appliances don’t work anymore

5 Star Ottawa Appliance Repair Rating

When you need an appliance repaired, there is no better company than Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa. Our perfect 5-star appliance repair Google reviews and perfect safety record ensure that your peace of mind will be intact when fixing appliances with us. You’ll appreciate our friendly, affordable and efficient Ottawa appliance repair services.