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Oven Repair Ottawa

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A broken oven, stove, stovetop, or countertop burners are inconvenient. Suddenly, we realize how essential our household appliances are when they no longer work. But, rest assured with our professional assistance, your appliance will be working like new in no time! Is your oven not working? Is your oven not heating? Oven pre-heats too long? Oven door locked? Our satisfied customers all had these issues with their ovens, but not anymore. Contact Doctor Appliance for your oven repair in Ottawa! Fix your oven today with free same-day service.

Oven Repair Ottawa

Speak directly to an appliance repair technician about your oven issues. You’ll be surprised how easy and stress-free it is to fix your oven. Doctor Appliance understands how annoying a broken oven can be for your family. We will diagnose and repair your oven quickly. We can understand your oven issues over the phone. Contact Doctor Appliance at 613-606-6038 or by e-mail. 

Direct Client to Specialist Connection

Develop a relationship before your appliance repair technician arrives at your home. When you call Doctor Appliance Ottawa, you will not reach administrative staff. Instead, speak directly to the professional that will fix your oven. Clients love speaking directly to their technicians to solve their appliance repair needs. Instead of wasting time talking to someone who doesn’t understand your problem, speak directly to the expert. This direct connection with the technician ensures that he comes prepared with all necessary parts to fix your oven.

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Save Money and Time Oven Repair Ottawa

Quotes and costs to fix your oven can be agreed upon the phone to save you time and money. No other appliance repair company in Ottawa offers such exceptional customer service. Instead of having your technician come to your home for nothing, call Doctor Appliance for your oven repairs. Answer a few questions so the technician better understands what is wrong with your oven. This way, when the Doctor arrives, he can solve your oven’s problem quickly. A broken oven or an oven, not heating is inconvenient. Oven repair is our specialty. Have peace of mind that your oven’s repair is guaranteed for up to 1 year.

Oven Repair Ottawa Frequent Problems

  • The oven door won’t open
  • The oven broil won’t heat
  • Oven temperature is abnormal
  • Broken oven latch
  • Bad odour omits from oven
  • The oven is not heating
  • The self-cleaning option not working

Rest assured, that we can perform any oven repair in Ottawa. We service all appliance brands.

We avoid multiple visits!

Each appliance repair technician is logistically equipped to repair your broken oven. We will not inconvenience your family with multiple visits because we get straight down to fixing the problem, right away. A broken oven is already annoying for your family. Doctor Appliance aims to fix or service your oven with ease and pleasure.

Oven Installation Ottawa

Doctor Appliance offers free quotes over the phone for oven installation. Please call 613-606-6038 to speak directly to an experienced appliance technician.

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Oven Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you perform built-in oven repairs?

A. Yes, of course. If you have a built-in oven or a double oven, we can help you. Rest assured, our repair technicians perform efficient and swift built-in oven repairs in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our qualified oven technicians can repair high-end appliances, as well as ordinary ovens. In addition, all of our appliance repair technicians are manufacturer trained on all major appliance brands.

Q. Can you replace my existing oven?

A. While we can assist in installing a new oven, we not dispose of old ovens. However, usually, when a new oven is purchased, the delivery company can take the old oven off your hands.

Q. How much does an oven repair cost?

A. Depending on what the issue is with your oven, the average cost can range from $70 to $400. It all depends on the type of oven you have, and what the issue is. We source original parts when possible, and charge affordable labour rates. Every repair is different, so it’s difficult to provide a generic cost. Instead, we recommend paying a service call to firstly find out what is wrong with the oven, and secondly to find out how much the repair will cost.

Q. What are the common oven replacement parts?

A. As mentioned, our appliance technicians carry the most common parts in their service vehicles. If we don’t have the part in stock, rest assured that we can source it quickly. Some common oven replacement parts include oven bake element, oven broil element, oven igniter, spark electrode, spark module, and a stovetop terminal block. Our technicians carry an inventory of these common parts so your oven repair can be completed the exact same day you call.

Q. My oven won’t heat up. How quick can you repair it?

A. A broken oven is annoying and inconvenient. We understand the frustrations involved when your trying to cook dinner, but your oven won’t heat up. We can fix the problem as soon as you call us. Our oven technicians are on standby waiting for your call. We can diagnose, test and service your oven all in one day.

Q. My oven smells like it’s burning plastic. Is this normal?

A. No! This is not normal, and you made a wise choice to seek out an appliance repair company. Our service technicians can eliminate that burning smell from your oven in a service call.

Are you looking for assistance with your broken oven? We are here to help.

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