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    Sub Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair Ottawa

    When Ottawa residents are looking for an affordable, professional and honest appliance repair service, they call Doctor Appliance Ottawa! With over 200 5 star reviews on Google, years of experience and local technicians scattered throughout Ottawa, it’s no surprise that Doctor Appliance is the go-to company for Sub Zero and Wolf appliance repair in Ottawa. Check out our 5 Star BBB rating! Contact us today for free same day Sub Zero fridge repair!

    Why Call Doctor Appliance for Sub Zero Appliance Repair?

    Sub-Zero high-end appliances are known for their custom-fit, built-in appliance models. Did you know that a Sub Zero fridge has a life expectancy of over 20 years? However, LG and Samsung fridges only last 2-5 years. When a Sub Zero or Wolf appliance breaks down, it’s definitely usually more affordable to repair it than to buy a new one. At Doctor Appliance, we understand the need for quick and efficient appliance repair services. That’s why our appliance repair technicians are available for free same-day appliance repair services throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Rest assured, our team is qualified and experienced to complete repairs on the spot. When your Sub Zero fridge breaks down, contact us at 613-606-6038 to book your appliance repair appointment with a trained Sub Zero technician.

    We Perform All Ottawa Sub Zero Fridge Repairs

    When it comes to built-in refrigerators, to Sub Zero freestanding fridges, you can trust the fridge repair technicians at Doctor Appliance. Our residential appliance repair technicians diagnose and fix sub-zero fridges on a daily basis. Rest assured that our fridge repairs are conducted with original manufacturer parts to ensure optimal fridge performance. If your fridge is not cooling, call us to benefit from free same-day service. We’ll have your Sub Zero or Wolf fridge cold in no time!

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    subzero fridge repair - Sub Zero Appliance Repair Ottawa

    Sub Zero Fridge Repair

    When your fridge doesnt work, and all your food is at risk to be spoiled, call us at 613-606-6038. We understand that a broken fridge is a crisis. Take advantage of Doctor Appliance’s free same-day fridge repair service for Sub Zero and Wolf fridge repairs.

    If you have any of the following issues with your fridge, be sure to call Doctor Appliance:

    • The fridge leaking
    • The refrigerator does not cool to the correct temperature
    • There is a humming fridge coming from the fridge
    • Defrosting issue
    • There is a weird noise coming from the fridge
    • The fridge is too cold and we can’t control the temperature
    sub zero dishwasher repair

    Sub Zero Dishwasher Repair

    Is your dishwasher your favourite appliance in the house? With a cove Sub Zero dishwasher, it only makes sense that you’d love your dishwasher. Did you know that Sub Zero puts noise insulation into their dishwashers so you won’t hear your dishwasher at all? However, if you have a broken Sub Zero dishwasher, it could now be making an inconvenient noise.

    However, what happens when your dishwasher breaks down? Doctor Appliance is a Sub Zero repair expert. As our service technicians diagnose and repair dishwashers on a daily basis, you can feel confident that Doctor Appliance can fix your built-in dishwasher. If you’re looking for a qualified dishwasher repair technician, contact Doctor Appliance today. Are you experiencing any of the following dishwasher issues?

    • Dishwasher displays error code
    • The dishwasher doesn’t drain
    • The dishwasher won’t latch
    • Dishwasher making noiseWe fix broken dishwashers every day, you’re in good hands with Doctor Appliance!
    dishwasher installation ottawa

    Sub Zero Dishwasher Installation

    When it comes to your Sub Zero dishwasher, have it installed by a licensed plumber! That’s right, Doctor Appliance works in conjunction with Plumber on the Phone to offer Ottawa residents the very best dishwasher installation service. We’ve decided to work with a plumber for dishwasher installations as more often than not a licensed plumber is required for a dishwasher installation. We save time and money by having dishwashers installed properly from the very beginning. With a licensed plumber, have peace of mind that your dishwasher is properly connected to water, and installed properly to avoid any dishwasher leaks or dishwasher repairs. Book a dishwasher installation by calling 613-606-6038 today!

    sub zero oven repair service stittsville

    Sub Zero Oven & Stove Repair

    Is your oven or stove not heating as it should? Our oven and stove technicians can fix the problem quickly so you can get cooking again soon! For all gas and electric Sub Zero ovens, contact us to book a personalized sub zero appliance repair in Ottawa.

    Here are some common stove issues we see often:

    • No electricity in the oven
    • Stove elements spark or don’t ignite
    • I can’t control the oven temperature
    • My stove element stays on when turned off
    • There is no heat in my Subzero oven
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      5 Star Appliance Repair Reviews

      See what the satisfied residents of Ottawa have to say about our appliance repair team. We are proud of over 200 5 stars Google reviews for our honest and affordable appliance repair services. You can also visit our Homestars and BBB appliance repair reviews. Will you be so thrilled that we fixed your appliance that you’ll feel compelled to also recommend us? Call us today!

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      Sub Zero Appliance Repair Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

      Whats the life expectancy of sub zero / Wolf Appliances?

      A. With regular use sub-zero / wolf appliances are designed to last 20+ years. However, this doesn’t mean that within 20 years that a fridge repair will not be necessary. Like any machine, maintenance is inevitable to prolong its life expectancy. The most common fridge repairs we see are defrosting issues, fridge fan issues, compressor gas top-ups and clogged drain issues which can create water built-up under the crisper drawers.

      Q. What so special about Sub Zero fridges?

      A. Sub Zero fridges use an active vacuum seal which makes them tougher to open (can be hard for kids or seniors). However, the advantage is that outside air cannot get inside the fridge, which causes better fridge cooling. With a Sub Zero fridge, benefit from colder temperatures to keep food cold!

      Q. Are Sub Zero or Wolf Fridges worth the investment?

      A.Any Sub Zero or Wolf appliance is quality because the brand itself is an industry-leading manufacturer in the appliance world. All gas, or electric, dual fuel or induction ovens are top-quality residential appliances. As Sub Zero appliances are North American made, they are perfect for Ottawa residents.

      Furthermore, our appliance repair technicians always recommend buying high-end appliances because they have a much better return on their investment, in the long run. While they do break down, they break down much less than Samsung or LG appliances.