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Factory Authorized Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is factory-authorized Thermador Repair in the Ottawa-Gatineau area including major appliances such as refrigerators and ice makers, dishwashers & ovens. Plus, our mobile technicians carry many Thermador parts in their service vehicles to offer fast and affordable Thermador appliance repair solutions. For all Thermador appliance repair, Ottawa needs, call 613-606-6038 to book our next available appointment.

5 Star Thermador Appliance Repair

We are proud of our perfect appliance repair reputation in Ottawa. With over 450+ 5-star reviews on Google, we are Ottawa’s first choice for all residential appliance repair solutions. Plus, check out our 5 Star BBB rating! As a family appliance repair business, our technicians and are clients are treated with the most respect. We believe in providing affordable and honest appliance repair services and that’s why our customers call us over and over again to fix broken appliances.

Ottawa Thermador Appliance Repair Technicians

We are Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa! Welcome to your solution when it comes to repairing all broken Thermador appliances. Whether they’re not working right anymore due to maintenance issues that need attention paid ASAP, or a broken part needs to be replaced, our certified Thermador appliance repair technicians are here for you. Is your Thermador fridge making disturbing noises? Or worse yet: is water leaking from the fridge on your hardwood flooring?? If so, contact us for a Thermador Fridge Repair today! Don’t hesitate to reach us.

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    Thermador Appliance Repair Technician Near You

    Doctor Appliance has a fleet of 4 fully-stocked service repair vehicles seeking out the roads to attend to all your service calls within mere hours. Our award-winning and Thermador factory-trained technicians have combined work experience in this industry for 50 years giving you peace of mind that any job is done right.

    Ottawa Thermador Repair Technicians

    Doctor Appliance strives on providing excellent customer care! Our local technicians are located in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding National Capital Region. With our experienced appliance repair technicians, together we bring over fifty years’ worth of appliance repair knowledge. Rest assured your Thermador appliance repair will be solved in no time with our skilled team!

    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please

    On the Spot Thermador Appliance Repairs

    Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is at your service. We can repair any Thermador appliance, regardless of the size or scope of work needed. With a team of local Ottawa technicians that are experienced in repairing household appliances on-site, we are proud to offer free same-day service. Plus, our appliance repairs are fast with factory replacement parts stocked in our vans for efficient, on-the-spot repairs. For all Thermador appliance repair solutions, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is your best bet when it comes to peace of mind appliance solutions.

    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please

    Thermador Fridge Repair Ottawa

    If you are looking for top-notch Thermador refrigerator repair Ottawa professionals to keep your kitchen running in tip-top shape, then look no further. We have the best technicians around who will perform their services with care and attention while providing an affordable cost that is tailored specifically to meet our customers’ needs. Our company strives on giving each customer 100% satisfaction when it comes down to receiving quality service at a fair price without having any hidden fees or charges so we can create lasting relationships with all of our clients throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We fix Thermador appliances in Ottawa West communities like Kemptville, and Carleton Place and far East communities like Embrun, and Rockland.

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    Broken Thermador Fridge?

    You may be feeling like your fridge is broken because it’s not cold enough. This can happen if the thermostat has been bumped or jarred, which will make it turn off and on too often. The good news is that this malfunction isn’t difficult to fix! Our fridge repair technicians can help with all broken fridge issues! Get in touch with us today to book a free same-day refrigerator repair appointment.

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    Thermador Refrigerator Error Codes

    Our appliance repair technicians are skilled and experienced to diagnose broken refrigerator error codes. Here are some of the most common Thermador refrigerator error codes:

    Thermador Error Code  E01

    • There is an issue with the refrigerator sensor as it cannot communicate with the main control board.  A technician will have a multimeter and the right tools to locate the issue

    Thermador Error Code E02

    • With this error code, there is a problem with the freezer sensor. The main control board cannot communicate with a broken freezer sensor.

    Theramador Fridge Error Code E05 & 506

    E05 and E06 – Here there is a problem with the refrigerator evaporator sensor fault. A technician will first examine the fridge’s electrical wiring to find the broken part.

    Thermador Fridge Error Code E07

    • With this Thermador error code, there is an issue with the freezer evaporator sensor.

    Thermador Fridge Error Code 515

    • The refrigerator is too warm and there is an issue with the sensor that must be replaced.

    Thermador Fridge Error FILTERCHG

    • Call a local Ottawa Thermador fridge repair technician to replace the refrigerator water filter. Thermador recommends replacing the water filter every 6 months to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

    Does your Thermador refrigerator have one of these error codes? Call 613-606-6038 to reach a fridge repair technician near you.

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    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please
    thermador refrigerator appliance repair
    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please

    Thermador Cooktop Repair

    Rest assured, our Thermador cooktop repair technician will come to your home and assess the damage. If it is just a minor scratch or needs new knobs that are an easy fix, the cooktop repair will be done in no time! If you’re not sure why your cooktop is broken, it’s best to have a professional Thermador technician come to inspect it. A broken Thermador cooktop repair is rare, but not uncommon. Rest assured our professional technicians can help with your gas or electric cooktop repair.

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    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please
    Thermador Appliance Repair Ottawa please
    sub zero dishwasher repair

    Thermador Dishwasher Repair

    Thermador dishwashers are both reliable and affordable. With a long list of features to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect model for your needs. From stainless steel tubs with advanced sprays, lower noise levels than ever before and easy-to-clean filter systems — Thermador dishwashers have it all! Make yours last longer by performing routine maintenance. If your dishwasher has broken down, call us for a Thermador Dishwasher Repair! Plus, we can take care of your Thermador dishwasher installation needs.


    Thermador Oven & Stove Repair

    If you have a problem with your washer or dryer, your local Ottawa Thermador service team is here to help. We can solve any mechanical or electrical issues right in your home, so set up an appointment today!

    If there are problems with your washing machine and/or clothes dryers that need fixing, then you should call on certified professional technicians from Thermador. Have your appliance repaired with OEM parts for optimal appliance performance!

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      5 Star Appliance Repair Reviews

      Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about us. We are proud of over 200 5 stars Google reviews for honest and affordable appliance repair services that we provide here at Doctor Appliance Ottawa! You can also visit our Homestars and BBB appliance repair reviews. Call us today!

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      Thermador Appliance Repair Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

      Thermador versus Sub Zero fridges - Which is best? Which appliance is more prone for repairs?

      A. Thermador and Sub Zero fridges are two popular brands of refrigerators. Some claim that Thermador is more prone to repairs than other appliances, yet others say the opposite about their competitor – Sub Zero. While both products have a history to back up these claims it can be difficult to determine which brand’s fridge will last longer with its durability being much debated among consumers everywhere! According to Doctor Appliance Repair technicians, there is no big difference between Thermador and Sub Zero fridges. They both provide quality and reliable refrigeration functions. However, Thermador is German, European-made. While Sub Zero is an American appliance brand.

      Q. Do doctor appliance technicians have the right parts to fix Thermador appliances?

      A. Yes, absolutely. Doctor appliance repair technicians only source original manufacturer parts directly from a certified Thermador distributor. It’s important to use original manufacturer Thermador parts for appliance repairs. Using non-original manufacturers can reduce the quality of your machine and lead to more problems down the line, according to Thermador technicians. Are you looking for Thermador appliance repair parts? Get in touch with us today.

      Q. How long is a Thermador fridge warranty?

      A. A broken Thermador fridge is typically under warranty for up to 5 years.  When you purchase a sub-zero or Thermador appliance, your warranty is 5 years on the sealed system. You will receive 1-year parts and labour coverage as well, but usually, these appliances work for about 20 years before needing any major repairs done to them! However, when you are in need of an Ottawa Thermador fridge repair, call Doctor Appliance at 613-606-6038.