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Ottawa Washer Repair

Professional Washer Repair

Are you in need of same-day repair service for your washer or washer? Is your washer leaking? Or, is the household washer broken? If so, call our home appliance repair experts in Ottawa. Doctor appliance offers reliable and quick washer repair free with the same day service for your washer. Doctor Appliance is approachable, knowledgeable, and certified to service your washer issues. With over a decade of experience repairing washers and other home appliances, we will give you a solution to every issue that you might have with your washer. Call the doctor at 613-606-6038 and get a free diagnosis over the phone. Our technicians will come prepared to fix your issues on the same day.

Call a Washer Repair Technician Near You

A specialist technician will diagnose your washer, right over the phone! A quick phone diagnostic will give the Doctor an idea of why your washer isn’t working properly. If you are living in Ottawa, you will get the most professional same-day repair of your washer. Doctor Appliance can fix your washer quickly and affordably. You can call or text 613-606-6038 to schedule your washer repair in your neighbourhood.

All the Washer Brands


Call 613-606-6038 for a free quote! Be sure to have your model number available.

LG washer repair LG dryer repairContact us and fix your washer Today!

Fill out the contact form and get in touch with a washer repair specialist in the Ottawa area. For a washer leaking or a broken washer,  call us today. Don’t waste time speaking to a secretary or trying to fix your washer yourself. Enjoy the advantage of speaking directly to a skilled technician about your washer problem. Learn more About Us here! Doctor Appliance offers FREE same day service to have your washer issues addressed quickly.

    washer leaking

    Common Washer Problems

    • The machine does not drain water
    • The washing machine has error codes
    • There is a door issue with the washing machine
    • Clothes are still dirty after the cycle
    • After a cycle, clothes are still full of soap
    • Washer leaking
    • The machine turns on then off
    • Lose or broken belt
    • The washer is making a loud noise
    • The washer won’t agitate
    • The washer is broken altogether
    • Washer overflowing

    A broken washing machine is a headache. A washing machine that won’t drain, and is not working properly is not pleasant for your family. Call Doctor Appliance today to speak directly to a technician regarding your washing machine issue. The washer won’t turn on? There is no appliance issue that Doctor Appliance cant fix!

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    Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Gloucester and the surrounding area.