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Ottawa Washer Repair

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5-Star Ottawa Washer Repair Service

Be sure to read our outstanding 5 Star Reviews on Google and BBB.
You can call 613-606-6038 to schedule our next available appointment.

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ottawa appliance repair
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ottawa appliance repair

Five Star Washing Machine Repair Service

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Call For Ottawa Oven Repair

    Professional Ottawa Washer Repair Service

    Are you located in the City of Ottawa or the surrounding areas and looking for a washing machine repair? You’ll be glad to hear that our friendly washer repair service comes with a flat-rate service call and 90-day guarantees on all labour and parts (if necessary). Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is who your friends and family call when they need a washer repair. We are proud of our perfect 600+ 5 Star Google Reviews. Get professional, efficient, friendly, and affordable washer repairs with Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa technicians.

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    Five Star Ottawa Washer Repair Service

    See what the satisfied residents of Ottawa have to say about our excellent appliance repair services! Have your washing machine fixed today by some of the best appliance repair technicians in Ottawa Doctor Appliance is a Google verified 5-stars company that can take responsibility for washing machine fixes. With our experienced washer technicians, you don’t have to question, “Is there an appliance repair technician near me?“. Our appliance repair technicians service Ottawa and the surrounding neighbourhoods such as Gatineau, Orleans, Rockland, Blackburn, Kanata, Barrhaven, Nepean, Gloucester, Richmond, Kemptville and more.

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    Washer Repair Ottawa Experts

    Are you guilty of not emptying your pockets before putting your clothes in the washing machine? Many Ottawa residents do this, so rest assured you are not alone. However, this causes problems with the washing machine drain system. The loose items can also puncture vulnerable parts and hoses during the wash that may cause a washing machine leak. Is your washer leaking? Or, is the washer not draining? Does your washer make a weird noise? If so, call our washer appliance repair experts in Ottawa. Doctor appliance offers reliable and quick washer repairs.

    Free Same Day Washing Machine Repair Ottawa Service

    When your washing machine breaks, don’t hesitate to call our expert Ottawa washing machine technicians. We offer free same-day service for any appliance in need of repairs! Our appliance repair technicians are affordable, efficient, and friendly. Instead of worrying about how you’ll wash your clothes, simply call 613-606-6038 for the best appliance repair experience.

    #1 Washer Repair Ottawa Service

    Doctor Appliance is approachable, knowledgeable, and certified to service your washing machine issues. With over a decade of experience repairing washers and other home appliances, we are qualified to fix your washing machine. Call us at 613-606-6038 to speak with a washer repair specialist. Book a service call with a flat fee to have your washing machine diagnosed by some of the best appliance repair technicians in Ottawa.

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    The Best Washing Machine Repair in Ottawa bosch washer
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    Call a Washer Repair Technician Near You

    A specialist washing machine technician will diagnose your washer in no time! We have several appliance repair technicians throughout the city of Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Let us know what is wrong with your appliance, and have a professional show up in no time. We often fix washers in just one appointment due to our years of experience and efficiency. Doctor Appliance technicians fix washing machines like yours on a daily basis. Rest assured we can fix your washer quickly and affordably. Call 613-606-6038 today to schedule your efficient washer repair service. Do you have questions? We have answers!

    We Do Washing Machine Repairs
    For All Makes and Models

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    washer repair ottawa

    We provide residential Ottawa washing machine repairs for all makes and models
    Start doing laundry again with our efficient Ottawa & Gatineau washer-fix services!

    Common Washer Replacement Parts Include:

    Broken washing machine door seals
    Washing machine inlet water valves
    Malfunctioning washer drain pumps
    Broken Washing machine main control boards

    Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Service

    Do you have a top-loader or a front loader washing machine that needs repairs? A top-loading washing machine’s most common issues are a faulty safety lid switch, a faulty water valve or a clogged drain pump. A front loader washing machine has the same problems, but since the design is different, there are more parts that can go wrong. Rest assured that our washer service technicians can diagnose and repair top loading and front load washing machines. We work efficiently to provide quick and affordable washing machine repair services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

    Book a Washing Machine Repair Today

    Fill out the contact form and get in touch with a washer repair specialist in the Ottawa area. For a washer leaking or a broken washer, speak with an appliance specialist! Don’t waste time procrastinating having your washing machine diagnosed by a specialist. Enjoy the advantage of speaking directly to a skilled technician about your washer problem. Learn more About Us here! Doctor Appliance offers FREE same-day service to have your washer issues addressed quickly. We’re here to help with all your household appliance needs.


      Common Washer Problems

      • The machine does not drain water.
      • There are error codes on the washing machine
      • My washing machine has a door issue
      • Clothes are still dirty after the cycle
      • After a cycle, clothes are still full of soap
      • The washer is leaking
      • The machine turns on then off
      • Lose or broken belt
      • The washer is making a loud noise
      • The washer won’t agitate
      • My washing machine wont start
      • Washer overflowing

      Broken Washing Machine Ottawa

      A broken washing machine is a headache. A washing machine that won’t drain, and is not working properly is not pleasant for your family. Call Doctor Appliance today to speak directly to an appliance specialist regarding your washing machine issue. The washer won’t turn on? There is no appliance issue that Doctor Appliance can’t fix!

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      Why should you choose Doctor Appliance for your appliance repair?

      When you search “best appliance repair near me Ottawa,” a lot of appliance repair companies appear. However, unlike the competition, Doctor Appliance is different. Here is why:

      • Free Same-Day Service
      • Skilled and Experienced Ottawa Appliance Repair Technicians
      • Flat-Rate Service Call Fee
      • Free Service Call with Washer Repair
      • 5 Star Ratings and Reviews
      • Appliance Repair for Ottawa, Gatineau, and the Surrounding Areas
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      Flat Rate Ottawa Washing Machine Repair Service

      Is your washing machine not draining water? This can be the result of a clogged drain pump, a faulty door lock or a safety switch and on rare occasions, it could be the result of a faulty washing machine control board. Let us tell you what is wrong with your washing machine! Get back to your laundry as soon as possible with Doctor Appliance Ottawa. Benefit from a flat-rate service call with absolutely no hidden fees or surprises.

      There’s no need to worry at all because Doctor Appliance is here with all the necessary equipment for diagnosis and washing machine fixes.

      Washer Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      What is the best maintenance for optimal washing machine performance?

      If your washing machine has a drain pump filter, it’s best to clean it often. Check your washing machine manufacturer’s manual to see your specific drain pump model. Be prepared for water to spill out. Also, some washing machines will have a washing machine cleaning cycle. Our appliance repair technicians recommend cleaning it with washing machine products. You can also always use vinegar to clean your washing machine. However, no amount of cleaning your washing machine will matter if you load the washer with too many clothes. We have seen many broken washing machines due to ignoring capacity standards. Do you have a question about your washing machine repair? Call us today.

      Is it worth repairing my washing machine?

      Most of the common issues with broken washers are easy to repair. Most of the time, yes it is worth going ahead with a repair. If the repair of the machine will substantially be more than the cost of a new washer, our Ottawa appliance repair technician will advise you accordingly. In that case, let the technician recommend an appliance that will fit your needs. Either way, it’s a win-win situation to book an appointment with a flat-rate service call for a professional opinion regarding your broken washing machine. Plus, if you go ahead with the washer repair, the initial service call is waived! Call Doctor Appliance Ottawa today!

      How long does a washer repair take?

      On a typical basis, we repair washing machines in just one visit. Our washer repair technicians carry the most common parts in their service vehicles so a washer repair is fast and affordable. If any part needs to be ordered, the repair technician will advise on how long the repair will take, and exactly what the cost is, upfront. A total quote will be provided, and then the service call will be waived. Each problem is different, therefore a washer repair appointment should be booked to find out what is wrong with your washing machine! Call us today at 613-606-6038.

      When do I need a washing machine repair?

      If you start to notice that the washing machine takes longer to fill up with water, or if the washer is having a hard time draining out water, then you may need a washer repair service. Additionally, if the washing machine needs to repeat cycles because the washing machine didn’t fill up enough water, or the clothes are wet after a full washer cycle, then it’s a signal that you do need a local washing machine technician to diagnose your broken washing machine. If your washing machine is already making noises, chances are it’s too late for a repair. Either way, it’s important to address washing machine issues quickly with a professional diagnostic. At Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa, we provide a free service call with every appliance repair. For efficient, affordable and honest appliance repair work, call Doctor Appliance today.

      Are Washer Repairs Simple to Fix?

      The ease of repairing a washer largely depends on the nature of the malfunction. Certain issues can be straightforward to address, provided you possess some mechanical aptitude and the necessary tools. Simple tasks such as unclogging the drain or replacing a hose might be within the realm of a confident DIYer. However, complexities escalate when it comes to the washer’s electronics or internal mechanics, where specialized knowledge and experience become crucial. Attempting to fix these more intricate problems yourself could inadvertently cause further damage, potentially necessitating costly replacements. Nonetheless, for reliable and timely repairs, enlisting the assistance of a washer repair professional from Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is always a wise decision.

      What Is the Expected Lifespan of a Washing Machine?

      The lifespan of a washing machine typically falls between 8 and 12 years, assuming it receives proper maintenance. With diligent care, including not overloading the machine and performing regular maintenance checks, its lifespan can be extended even further. However, consistently subjecting your washing machine to heavy-duty cycles without adequate maintenance may result in a shortened lifespan. Ultimately, it’s worth speaking to a local Washer repair technician to understand what the problem is, and if a washer replacement part is available to complete the washer repair. These days, appliances are not built with the same craftsmanship of an older appliance. Therefore, surprisingly a 20 year old washing machine can be fixed by replacing a common part, and that washer’s life can be extended. Have a broken washer? Contact Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa today.

      What Is the Most Frequent Issue Encountered with Washing Machines?

      Drainage problems top the list of typical washing machine troubles, encompassing complications such as obstructed pumps or hoses that have become kinked. Fortunately, these issues can generally be resolved swiftly and without incurring significant expense. To fix a washer that isn’t draining, contact Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa today for an efficient washer repair service. Rest assured that your appliance can be fixed in just one visit from a washing machine technician.