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kitchenaid appliance repair

KitchenAid, a favourite household appliance since 1919. Families worldwide trust KitchenAid for its reliability and functionality. However, even the best appliances need repair and maintenance. Our professional appliance repair technicians work 7-days, a week to help with your appliance needs. Looking for KitchenAid appliance repair? You’ve come to the right place! Are you looking for KitchenAid dishwasher repair, KitchenAid fridge Repair, KitchenAid Stove Repair, or KitchenAid Washer Repair? Call now to speak directly to an appliance repair specialist at 613-606-6038.

KitchenAid Appliance Repair kitchenAid fridge repair ottawa

KitchenAid Fridge Repair

A broken fridge can cost you hundreds of money in spoiled food. Instead, don’t hesitate to call Doctor Appliance today. Our technicians have years of experience with refrigeration repair ensuring that even the most difficult repairs can be done in no time. Speak directly to our professional appliance repair technicians in Ottawa. For your KitchenAid Fridge Repair, trust Doctor Appliance Ottawa.

kitchenaid stove repair

KitchenAid Stove Repair

A broken stove can be unpleasant and inconvenient. Have you been avoiding using one stove range because it’s broken? Whatever your stove issue, our appliance repair technicians perform KitchenAid Stove Repairs. Call 613-606-6038 for free same-day service.

KitchenAid Appliance Repair KitchenAid dishwasher repair ottawa

KitchenAid Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers provide families with convenience instead of washing dishes by hand. They are in every household and get used almost every day. By being such an important home appliance, you would not like to have it broken, especially for a long time. Save yourself time by calling Doctor Appliance. We pride ourselves in servicing Ottawa quickly and professionally. Besides, we’re the MOST affordable KitchenAid Dishwasher Repair in Ottawa.

Whirlpool Washer Repair

KitchenAid Washer Repair

A specialist technician will diagnose your washer, right over the phone. A quick phone diagnostic will give the Doctor an idea of why your washer isn’t working properly. Usually, washing machines just need maintenance and regular servicing to perform like new again. Doctor Appliance can perform your KitchenAid washer repair quickly and affordably. You can call or text 613-606-6038 to schedule your washer repair today. Need maintenance for your dryer? Doctor Appliance performs all-brands repairs.

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    Are kitchenAid appliance repair’s reliable?

    Yes, especially when you choose Doctor Appliance Ottawa! Our technicians are focused on providing reliable, friendly and efficient repairs on all KitchenAid appliances. If your KitchenAid fridge, dishwasher, dryer, washer, or any other household appliance is broken, be sure to have a Doctor Appliance Technician diagnose and fix your appliance! Plus, we offer free same day service and 60-day warrantees on all labour and parts!

    How long does it take to fix my KitchenAid fridge?

    It all depends on what is wrong with your KitchenAid refrigerator. Depending on the nature of the problem, your fridge could be fixed in just one appointment with our KitchenAid appliance technician. Our technicians carry most KitchenAid parts in their service vehicles. We also do not charge extra for our free same day fridge repair service. Call 613-606-6038 to book your KitchenAid appliance repair appointment!

    How much does it cost to fix my KitchenAid appliance?

    With Doctor Appliance Ottawa, we are always upfront and honest about our appliance repair fees. Firstly, take advantage of a flat-rate service call to find out what is wrong with your KitchenAid appliance. Secondly, have a technician come over to efficiently diagnose your appliance. Before any work is started, the technician will clearly indicate the cost of labour. No matter how long the repair takes, there are no hidden fees. Call 613-606-6038 today to book the next appliance repair appointment.