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Oven Repair Ottawa

Professional Oven Repair Ottawa

Are you an Ottawa resident and are experiencing issues with your oven? Is your oven broken and in need of a professional oven repair? If so, we are here for you! Our experienced oven repair technicians service residents in the City of Ottawa and the surrounding areas. For Oven Repair Ottawa, call 613-606-6038 to speak with an oven repair specialist near you.

Free Same Day Oven Repair Service

A broken oven is never good news for anyone. We understand how inconvenient it is when you can’t bake or roast your favourite meals. Also, ordering take-out is not a sustainable solution, so we recommend that you do not procrastinate on an oven repair. Instead, take action today and benefit from our free same-day oven repair services. We have the lowest oven repair costs in Ottawa! You’ll be surprised at how easy, efficient and affordable it is to have your oven diagnosed and fixed.  Call Doctor Appliance now! An oven repair specialist is awaiting your call.

Why Hire Doctor Appliance for your Oven Repair Solutions?

  • oven repair kemptvilleWe perform built-in oven repairs, stove repairs and range top repairs in the City of Ottawa and the surrounding areas including Kanata, Gloucester, Nepean, Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Rockland and more.
  • FREE Same-Day Service for your appliance repair needs.
  • Benefit from upfront repair costs and flat rates to avoid any hidden costs for your oven repair.
  • 5 Star Rating and Reviews: Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ desires. Doctor Appliance repair technicians go above and beyond to solve your appliance repair issue.
  • We have local Ottawa technicians readily available for a quick and efficient oven repair service.

We Repair All Oven Makes and Models

General Electric Appliances Ottawa ge oven repairRegardless of what kind of oven you have, Doctor Appliance is experienced and qualified to fix all appliance brands. Is your Samsung oven not heating? Is your LG oven door latch broken or your Maytag broiler isn’t working? Or, is your Kenmore oven not turning on? Give Doctor Appliance a call for swift and affordable appliance repair solutions. Doctor Appliance is your solution. Our oven repair technicians are skilled and qualified to fix your appliance. If you’re looking for a professional appliance repair, give our specialists a call today at 613-606-6038. Do you want your oven fixed quickly? Be sure to benefit from a free same-day appliance repair service!

How Do I Book an Oven Repair Service?

Having an oven repair specialist come over to your home to professionally diagnose your oven has never been easier.

  1. Call us at 613-606-6038 or e-mail us to book an appointment that suits your schedule. Unlike other appliance repair companies, we are punctual and always arrive before or on time for your appliance repair appointment. We do not provide time windows, but only specific times in which the technician will show up!
  2. Secondly, a technician will arrive to quickly diagnose your oven. They will explain the problem in detail regarding your oven repair. Enjoy the experience of learning what went wrong with your oven, and how you can avoid this issue in the future.
  3. Thirdly, learn exactly how much your oven repair will cost, and how long the repair will take. Our service technicians carry most oven parts in their service vehicles to provide quick and efficient free same-day service.
  4. Fourthly, get on with your day and start using your oven again!
  5. Finally, we would appreciate a 5-star Google review for our oven repair services. We currently have over 170 5 star reviews on Google thanks to our fast, friendly and affordable appliance repair services.

Family-Run Oven Repair Ottawa

As a family-run business, our overhead costs are low. For example, our local technicians use their own service vehicles to perform home repairs. We also do not have a large marketing expense. Without the overhead cost of a brick and mortar, our oven repair costs are low. This keeps the cost to fix appliances affordable. Our exceptional service is why families continue to refer us to their family, friends, and neighbours. By providing an honest and reliable service, families trust Doctor Appliance. You can too!

Free Oven Repair Quote

Families in Ottawa appreciate saving time and money to fix their ovens when they call Doctor Appliance. Our oven repair technicians are honest, family men who only want the best interest of your family. Integrity and respect are our guiding values. Call Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa today for your free oven repair quote.

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Should I repair my oven or buy a new one?

Before deciding to buy a new appliance, we recommend having a professional diagnose your appliance first. Often, it is much more cost-efficient to repair your existing oven instead of buying a new one. Usually, an oven repair is accomplished by replacing a faulty part. Our appliance repair technicians carry the most common oven parts in their service vehicles to provide efficient oven repairs. Rest assured that our appliance repair technicians are honest in the work they perform. If it is more cost-efficient to buy a new oven, our professionals will say so. Before throwing out your old oven, benefit from a flat-rate service call to find out if it’s worth replacing or fixing.

Bake Element Broken Oven Repair Ottawa

Contact Us For Same Day Oven Repair Service

Fill out the contact form and get in touch with an oven repair technician in the Ottawa area. An oven repair specialist will be in touch with you soon.  Learn more about Doctor Appliance! We look forward to meeting you and fixing your appliance problems.

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    Common Oven Problems

    As oven repair specialists, rest assured that we service ovens on a daily basis. Here are a list of common oven issues:

    • The oven door won’t open
    • Heat in the oven is not working
    • The oven broiler isn’t working
    • The oven temperature is too low
    • Heat in the oven won’t turn up
    • The oven latch is broken – Are you trying to perform self-cleaning and you cant?
    • There is a bad smell comes from the oven
    • The oven light is broken
    • The oven self clean option doesn’t work

    Are you experiencing one or more of the above issues with your oven? Rest assured that our oven repair technicians know how to diagnose and fix all common oven issues. Thanks to years of experience our technicians can also repair complex oven issues. Call us now to have your oven fixed by a technician near you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the oven not heating over 200 degrees fahrenheit?

    From our years of experience performing oven repairs, our technicians see that the most common reason for an oven not heating is a faulty broil or bake element or a faulty temperature sensor. On rare occasions, the issue could be a faulty main control board. Nonetheless, call 613-606-6038 to book an oven repair in Ottawa. We have over 200 5 star reviews for our affordable and honest appliance repairs in Ottawa.

    Can a 30 year old oven be repaired?

    Surprisingly, yes! Doctor Appliance Ottawa can easily diagnose and source replacement parts for all household oven brands. In case the part is no longer available, we have a service to rebuild the part itself. Call 613-606-6038 to speak with our appliance repair specialist regarding your oven repair needs in Ottawa.

    My oven heats up nonstop. Who can fix this?

    Rest assured, at Doctor Appliance Ottawa our oven repair technicians see this problem often. When the oven is set to 350 degrees, yet the oven reaches abnormal temperatures. The reason for this is a faulty control board. There is a shortage in the relay on the control board that causes the energy to go to the elements nonstop. This can be dangerous if not diagnosed properly by an appliance repair technician. Call us right away at 613-606-6038.