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Fridge Repair Ottawa

Professional Ottawa Refrigerator Repair 

We understand that a broken fridge is inconvenient. Is your fridge leaking, not cooling, or is cool but not cold enough? Or, is the food in the freezer defrosting or melting? Often, we fix fridges that are cold, but the freezer is warm. So, we recommend taking advantage of our fast fridge repair services to avoid spoiling food and causing further refrigerator damage. For a flat-rate service call, have a friendly fridge repair technician come over to diagnose your broken fridge. We strive to fix fridges in just one visit! Rest assured that we provide free same-day refrigerator repair services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.  We’re the appliance repair experts that your neighbours call thanks to our 5 Star Google Appliance Repair Reviews and BBB Reviews.

We Fix All Fridge Makes and Models in Ottawa

Have you tried fixing your broken fridge yourself? Refrigerator repairs are not recommended DIY tasks as trying to fix your broken fridge may worsen the issue. Newer fridges have electronic control boards in them which control the operation of the refrigerator. If your fridge is having issues cooling it might be because of a faulty control board. This is a common issue with Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Kenmore, GE, Samsung and LG fridges. We only source original manufacturer-specific parts for all refrigerator repairs. If your fridge requires a new part, we can source fridge repair parts for less.

Fridge Repair Warranties

Doctor Appliance is your guaranteed problem solver if you need a fridge repair service. With many 5-star reviews on Google, we’ve helped many residents of Ottawa with their broken fridges. Our fridge repair technicians can diagnose issues quickly to ensure your refrigerator is cooling as it should! Avoid awkward surprises with Doctor Appliance Ottawa. In addition, we offer a 90-day warranty on all fridge repairs.


5 star fridge repair reviews ottawa5 STAR Ottawa Refrigerator Repair Google Reviews

Have confidence in your refrigerator repair technician! See what Ottawa residents have to say about Doctor Appliance’s repair services. Remember, fridges require professionals to diagnose, and repair cooling, and electrical issues. Don’t leave your fridge broken for long with Doctor Appliance. Trust our experience in fridge repair services by reading our 5 Star Reviews on Google.

Ice Maker Repair

sub zero ice maker repair technician ottawaWhen your ice maker stops producing ice, you can rely on Doctor Appliance for efficiency. We provide ice maker repair services. Sometimes the issue is simple. It may be a bad water filter that needs to be regularly replaced or a faulty water valve. Sometimes the ice maker is also failing and can be easily replaced by our highly trained technicians. We perform ice maker repairs on a daily basis for the residents of Ottawa and the surrounding areas. In the summer, Ottawa’s weather gets hot and humid. Follow these 6 helpful hints to avoid an ice maker repair. Book an ice repair service now to treat yourself to a cold beverage. Cheers!

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Refrigerator Repair Ottawa
BBB Accredited Refrigerator Repair Ottawa
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Fast Local Fridge Repair Technicians

Our team of experienced and friendly technicians service Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We offer free same-day service for fridge repairs and solutions that are quick, affordable, and friendly. Get the fastest refrigerator repair in Ottawa for your fridge or your other home appliances by contacting Doctor Appliance today. We source our fridge repair parts from multiple manufacturers and part suppliers with expedited shipping included in our refrigerator repair rates. 

Local Ottawa Fridge Repair Technicians

Our fridge repair technicians have more than 10 years of experience with fridge repair ensuring that even the most difficult repairs can be done in no time. Rest assured that our refrigerator repair technicians experienced to solve all fridge makes and models. We pride ourselves on usually fixing fridges in just one visit as our technicians carry the most common fridge repair parts in their service vehicles. Instead of waiting weeks, or even months for a refrigerator repair, call 613-606-6038 now to speak with a fridge repair specialist! 100% customer satisfaction is what we’re known for throughout Ottawa.

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Freezer Repair Services Ottawa

If your freezer stopped working and now you’re wondering why to call us. Sometimes we see customers with freezers where food is stuffed to the rim. This is not good as there is no air circulation passing throughout the freezer. On a daily basis, our freezer repair technicians perform service calls to tell customers this exact piece of advice. Is your freezer not working because it’s stuffed? Have you noticed that the freezer fan is not making noise anymore? This is a common issue. Rest assured our fridge repair technicians can help.

We Fix Ottawa Refrigerators!

Choose Doctor Appliance for your fridge repair in Ottawa. Benefit from 100% customer satisfaction with our flat-rate fridge repair service call. Book a refrigerator repair technician to come over and properly diagnose the appliance. Learn exactly what is wrong with your fridge, and what the strategy is to repair it. Benefit from no hidden fees and full transparency with your refrigerator repair in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Are you looking to replace a part for your broken fridge? Have your model number ready for the Doctor to give you a direct quote. Schedule your fridge repair without any hidden fees or costs. Call 613-606-6038 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Manufacturer Trained Fridge Repair Ottawa

Save yourself the headache, and let professional appliance repair technicians help. Our appliance repair technicians are qualified to fix all brands of household appliances. Our manufacturer-trained technicians carry the most common parts to fix your appliance quickly and affordably. Is your Maytag fridge not cooling? Is your LG fridge making a strange noise? Is your Jenn-Air fridge leaking? Or, do you require a Bosch Fridge Repair? Is your fridge warm, and freezer cold? Rest assured that no matter the issue, Doctor Appliance refrigerator technicians are capable to service all makes and models of residential fridges.

Affordable Refrigerator Repair Services in Ottawa

Benefit from working with a family-run business that believes in providing good appliance repair services to the residents of Ottawa. Our focus is on fixing the appliances for as affordable as possible. We are aware of our competitor’s rates and know we are more affordable. Our marketing is taken care of in-house to avoid expensive business costs. As a husband and wife team, we work hard to ensure our family values thrive in our appliance repair services. We keep our overhead costs low, so we can also keep your appliance repair costs low, too!

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    Common Fridge Problems

    • Fridge leaking water
    • Water dispenser not working
    • Fridge not cold enough
    • Fridge not working
    • The refrigerator constantly runs or hums
    • The fridge is not cooling
    • Refrigerator leaking
    • The fridge freezer runs cold, but the fridge is warm
    • Fridge runs constantly
    • Food freezes in the fridge
    • Fridge running constantly or cycling too often
    • The ice maker not working
    • Fridge line needs connecting
    • Refrigerator not cooling enough
    • Refrigerator has no power

    Doctor Appliance technicians are experienced licensed and trained to diagnose the problem and provide a solution for your broken fridge.

    We service and repair all house-hold refrigerators, including built-in and stand-alone fridges.

    For no extra cost, Doctor Appliance technicians are available for same day service. We want your fridge working like new quickly to avoid any food loss.

    Refrigerator Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What could cause my refrigerator to break down?

    There are numerous reasons why a fridge would stop cooling, or simply breakdown.  For instance, there may be a problem with the compressor fan.  The fan is essential to the compressor, as it cools down to prevent overheating. If the fan stops the compressor will make a strange noise, and the fridge will start to overheat. If the refrigerator has a broken compressor, parts of the fridge are cooling less than what it used to. Or, is your fridge making a rattling noise? There is a drip pan behind the kick plate, under the fridge, and it is possible that the pan is rattling when the compressor starts. This may have to re-positioned. This is a simple service call, and the fridge will not need major repairs. A service call is an affordable flat-rate fee. Call 613-606-6038 to find of what is wrong with your refrigerator. Our fridge repair technicians will diagnose the problem on the spot!

    It it worth fixing my ice maker?

    If your ice maker is no longer dispensing ice, it’s probably cheaper to fix the ice maker than to buy a new fridge!  You might hear noises coming from the ice maker when the water flows into the ice maker. This is normal. If it gets louder it will need to be checked. Are you experiencing issues with your refrigerator ice maker? If so, call us before summer to ensure you’ll stay refreshed during our hot and humid Ottawa summers.

    How can I prevent my fridge from breaking?

    After our fridge repair technicians successfully fix broken fridges, we always inform our clients about ways to prevent refrigerator issues. Firstly, it’s very common for people to overstuff their fridges. It’s important not to overload your fridge with too much stuff. Instead, a refrigerator needs to breathe. Secondly, having the fridge backed up to the wall is also an issue. For proper fridge air circulation, the fridge must be placed away from the wall. Thirdly, our technicians note that many people overfill their fridge freezing compartments. This is a no-no. Are you looking for more tips to avoid a refrigerator repair? Contact us today!

    Ottawa Refrigerator Repair Solutions

    Our satisfied clients appreciate our speedy and efficient refrigerator repair services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. On top of providing free same-day fridge repair service, we also always give customers fridge maintenance advice. Learn best practices from refrigerator repair technicians near you!

    • Is your freezer too full? A freezer packed with too much food may result in a broken fridge. When a freezer is completely stuffed it prevents proper airflow and circulation. If this is your freezer, we advise you to empty the food and allow the freezer to defrost to work properly.
    • A fridge that is beeping may require the attention of an appliance repair technician. The evaporator-led cover may need to be replaced.
    • Is your refrigerator not cooling? It’s possible that a fridge main control board will need to be replaced to ensure power is reaching the fridges cooling sensors.
    • Another reason to cause a fridge from properly cooling is an airflow issue. In this case, an evaporator fan motor installation is required

    Is your fridge not cooling, beeping, making a strange noise, or is not working? Receive a personalized fridge repair service today!


    Certified Refrigeration Repair Technician

    Our licensed refrigeration technician can help with all residential refrigeration issues. We fix all refrigeration system issues like a broken fridge compressor, condenser coils, fans and relays that are necessary for a cold fridge. If your fridge stopped cooling and the diagnostics revealed a low gas or low freon inside the compressor, then the freon inside the compressor is faulty, or the compressor itself is broken. Secondly, the next step would be to check if there is a leak in the evaporator and condenser coils. If no leak is detected, then the technician will perform a nitrogen clean-up of the system to extend the fridge’s lifespan. If another fridge repair technician indicated that they cannot fix a built-in fridge, they may not be a licensed refrigeration technician to fix the fridge. We recommend calling Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa at 613-606-6038 and requesting a refrigeration technician for your built-in fridge repair.

    Free Same Day Ottawa Fridge Repair Solutions


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