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    Free Same Day Ottawa Appliance Repair Services

    We believe transparency is key when it comes to costs. We have no hidden fees. Take advantage of a flat rate service call, that is waived once you go ahead with the repairs. Our appliance repair technicians only start repairs after disclosing all appliance repair costs! When looking for affordable appliance repair solutions, call 613-606-6038.

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    ottawa appliance repair
    ottawa appliance repair
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    ottawa appliance repair

    Our Ottawa Appliance Repair Technicians Speak French

    Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is renowned for our exceptional service, as evidenced by our flawless 5-star Google rating. Not only do our technicians excel in friendliness, efficiency, and professionalism, but we also boast French-speaking staff to cater to a wider audience. Located throughout the Ottawa and Gatineau regions, our experts are never far away, ensuring prompt service across neighborhoods including Kemptville, Carleton Place, Barrhaven, Richmond, Rockland, Russell, Embrun, and surrounding areas. We are delighted to offer free service calls with every repair, underscoring our commitment to value and quality service. Look no further for superior appliance repair; Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is the top choice for your needs.

    Free Service Call With Every Ottawa Appliance Repair

    As the #1 Ottawa Appliance Repair Company, we have a customer service-centric business model. We are a family-operated business with values of integrity and respect. 100% customer satisfaction is our motto with our fair, friendly, and affordable appliance repairs. Our appliance repair technicians work with grace and courtesy. Our team of appliance repair experts goes above and beyond for our customers and tries to help in any way possible. We’re happy to make fixing appliances affordable by providing a free service call when you go ahead with the appliance repair! Contact us today.

    We Fix All Appliance Brands

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    Is your fridge not cooling? Is the fridge warm, and freezer cool? Does your fridge door not close properly? Is your fridge leaking water? Let a Doctor Appliance Fridge Repair Technician diagnose the issues quickly to properly fix your refrigerator efficiently. When you need a quick fridge fix, then take advantage of our free same-day refrigerator repair service.

    Ice Maker Repair

    Is your ice maker broken? Did your ice maker stop making ice? Our local fridge ice maker technicians are able to quickly spot the faulty components and come prepared with replacement parts in hand. We also fix broken fridge water dispensers!


    Is your oven, not heating? Is your stovetop element too hot or not working? Does your oven fan make noise?  If you’re looking for “oven or stove repair technician repair near me“, then Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa can help fix your broken household appliance.  With our perfect 5-star rating, we are the #1 choice for appliance repair solutions in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding areas. Our mobile oven and stove repair technicians are known to be efficient and professional as they always carry oven and stove replacement parts in their service vehicles. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason not to call Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa today. Take advantage of our flat-rate service calls, which are waived once you go ahead with the repair.

    Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa
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    If you’re in need of washer & dryer repairs in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts takes pride in their ability to quickly diagnose issues and get your appliances back up and running in no time. Our technicians strive to be fast and effective in our repairs.  5 Star Appliance repair service is just a phone call away. Let us help you do laundry again!


    Is your washer leaking water? Is your washing machine not draining? Are you searching for “a washing machine technician near me?” Then, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa can help. On a daily basis, our washer repair technicians replace faulty drain pumps, water valves, door gaskets, and suspension shocks. We can extend the life of your washing machine. Remember, fix it don’t replace it!


    Are your clothes taking forever to dry? Is your dryer making terrible noises, or showing errors on the display panel? No matter what your dryer issue might be, enjoy same-day appliance repair service with Doctor Appliance! If you live in Ottawa, Gatineau or the surrounding areas, trust Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa. We fix dryers on a daily basis. Every day we replace dryer heating elements, dryer support wheels/rollers, dryer pulleys, dryer fuses, dryer belts, dryer barrings and other essential dryer parts to ensure your clothes dry quickly.


    We perform microwave oven repairs often because it’s difficult to find a replacement microwave for custom-made kitchens. Also, over-the-range microwaves with built-in exhaust fans are way more expensive to replace than to repair. Therefore, our Ottawa customers appreciate fixing their microwave ovens because they save money and extend the life of their kitchen appliances.

    Microwave Oven Replacement Parts 

    On a daily basis, our appliance repair technicians replace microwave oven fuses, main control boards, magnetrons, and door interlocks. Have peace of mind when you choose Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa for your microwave oven repair. Our local technicians are experienced to fix Miele, BOSCH, Jenn Air, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Electrolux, and other manufacturers of built-in microwaves.

    microwave oven repair ottawa
    dishwasher repair ottawa


    Is your dishwasher acting up and leaving your dishes less than sparkling clean? Don’t worry, our award-winning dishwasher repair services in Ottawa have got you covered. Our friendly appliance repair technicians are fast, effective, and always upfront about costs, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected fees. We understand how frustrating it can be to need a dishwasher repair service. Let us help alleviate your stress and get your dishwasher back up and running in no time. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


    On a daily basis, our dishwasher repair technicians replace water inlet valves, drain pumps, circulation motors, dish rack adjusters, main control boards, and more. We source appliance repair replacement parts for less and offer up to 90-day warranties on all replacement part installations.


    Are you in need of gas appliance repair in Ottawa? Look no further! Our team is skilled in everything from gas hook-up to gas dryer repair. We know the importance of having a properly functioning gas stove or dryer in your home, and we’re here to help. Our friendly gas technicians will make sure that your gas appliance is installed or repaired quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your daily routine. Plus, our gas technicians are licensed and TSSA-insured. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your gas appliance needs in Ottawa – we’re here to help!

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    Welcome to the world of hassle-free appliance installation in Ottawa! Whether you’re in the market for a gas or electric appliance, our team of experts is here to make the process as smooth as possible. We understand that buying a new appliance can be stressful, but with our 5-star service, you can sit back and relax while our professionals provide you with the best installation experience possible. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your appliance installation needs in Ottawa. We specialize in dishwasher installations, range installations, fridge water line connections, and gas appliance hook up’s.

    Schedule Ottawa Appliance Repair Service



      My GE Fridge is not cooling, are you able to fix it?

      If your GE fridge is not working, there are a combination of issues that could be at play. For example, the fridge may require a new defrost thermostat, control board, defrost heater, or temperature sensor. Rest assured if your fridge does require any of these new parts, our service repair technicians can help you. If your freezer is cold, but your fridge is not, it might be a defrost issue or an evaporator fan issue. The coils in the back of the fridge need regular maintenance by vacuuming out the condenser coils. Regardless of the fridge issue you have, our appliance repair technicians can diagnose the fridge and find a solution immediately. Save your precious food, and call us today.

      How much will it cost to fix my appliance?

      Flat-Rate Service Call

      The specific cost of the repair depends on what the issue is. It’s difficult to provide a quote over the phone, without properly diagnosing the issue in-person first. We offer a competitive flat-rate service call for a technician to come over and diagnose your household appliance. Once the diagnostic is complete, the technician will provide a detailed statement of the issue, as well as how to resolve the issue. Receive a personalized quote on the spot, and it’s your decision if you wish to go ahead with the repair.

      Free Same Day Appliance Repair Service

      Doctor Appliance does not want you to waste food that’s why we offer free same-day appliance repair service for fridge repairs and any other appliance repair needs. Is your fridge not working and it’s causing a headache for your family? Is your dryer making noise? Whatever problem you are experiencing with your household appliance, we can help.  Schedule your in-house visit today by calling 613-606-6038.

      Honest Appliance Repair Ottawa

      Doctor Appliance repairs fridges and other appliances with integrity and honesty. If your fridge is not worth repairing, our service technicians will be honest and say so. Don’t waste your time or money, and call Doctor Appliance. Our appliance repair technicians service all appliance makes and brands. There is no appliance repair issue that we haven’t seen. We have a solution for you!

      We Fix Appliances Quickly and Efficiently

      Benefit from same day appliance service, to have your fridge working again. If a part is no longer working in your appliance, Doctor Appliance carries the most common appliance parts, so your appliance can start working the same day.  All appliances are different, but Doctor Appliance technicians are trained to work on all fridges and freezers. Unlike other companies, we provide the exact timing for your appliance repair appointment. Forget about unreliable window appointments with Doctor Appliance. Our technicians are often earlier than scheduled and will call you directly when on their way.

      Call 613-606-6038 to speak with an appliance repair specialist. We want your appliance functioning like new again.

      Is my dryer worth fixing?

      Yes, especially with free same-day service!

      Find out quickly and affordably if your dryer is worth fixing. Call to speak directly to an appliance specialist to book your free same-day service. To understand what is wrong with your dryer, or any kind of household appliance, a professional technician must perform diagnostics on your repair. This way your family will have peace of mind because of a professional dryer service.

      Appliance repair maintenance

      With free same day appliance repair service, your family will save time and money as your appliance will be fixed affordably and quickly. Sometimes a simple part or simple maintenance is all that’s needed to fix dryers. The technician will give you tips and advice for servicing your dryer.

      Call the Doctor

      Doctor Appliance’s same-day service will help you spend minimal to repair your dryer besides, servicing your dryer, instead of purchasing a new one, saves you money! Don’t let your husband take apart the dyer, call Doctor Appliance today for same-day appliance service.

      Can you diagnose my appliance problem over the phone?

      While we always provide the best customer service to our clients, it’s very difficult to diagnose appliance issues over the phone. However, when you are ready to repair a broken appliance, simply give us a call. Our appliance specialist will help with all your appliance repair needs. When you call, we will gather as much information as possible, including the appliance’s model number, and exact details regarding the problem you’re experiencing. We do our best to anticipate and plan ahead to arrive at your doorstep with the proper parts and equipment to repair your broken appliance. This is how we offer free same-day appliance repair service, without any additional or hidden costs to our clients.

      Do you sell appliances?

      Yes, we do! Doctor Appliance decided to partner with Accent Furniture in Rockland, Ontario. We saw a gap in the market in which our customers were purchasing appliances without proper guidance and support. Now, we’re able to advise our customers on exactly which quality machines to buy, for affordable prices. We consult, procure and install appliances to provide holistic appliance services.

      Should I perform self-cleaning on my oven?

      As appliance repair specialists, we highly recommend that you never use the self-cleaning option on your household oven. We have seen time and time again many oven issues due to customers using the self-clean option. Oven manufacturers add this option for convenience, but it totally hinders the integrity and lifespan of the oven. The heat in which the oven heats up for self-cleaning is dangerous to harm parts in the oven. We have seen major parts damage with the oven locking system, thermal fuse issues, burned control boards, and issues with wiring. This is because the cleaning heat is too hot for the internal parts of your oven.

      Instead, clean your oven using vinegar and baking soda. This way, you are not compromising the oven, and still achieving a clean oven.

      What are the most common range/cooktop issues that Doctor Appliance technicians see?

      As appliance repair specialists, we are familiar with diagnosing and fixing range/cooktops that are not working as they should. The most common symptoms we see are:

      • The surface element gets too hot. This could be a faulty switch that can easily be replaced
      • On the cooktop, the indicator light stays on. Again, the issue could be a problem switch or a faulty indicator light
      • There is poor heating in the range or cooktop. Usually, this means there is an issue with the main control board

      What issues are you experiencing with your range or cooktop? Rest assured that we can solve your appliance problem. Contact us today.

      Should I repair or replace my broken household appliance?

      If you’re considering when to replace an appliance, an average life span is a good reference point! From our experience, the average lifespan of each appliance is as follows:

      • Washer and Dryers should last 13 years
      • Fridges and stoves have a typical lifespan of 13 years too
      • A dishwasher usually lasts about 9 years
      • Freezers last approximately 11 years

      Our appliance repair technicians suggest replacing an appliance if the cost to repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new one. Of course, each appliance’s lifespan is different. The life span of a household appliance varies based on its usage and maintenance. For example, a single-person washing machine will typically last longer than a family with young children whose washing machine is always working.

      Be sure to always keep in mind the cost and logistics of installing a new appliance before deciding to get rid of an existing appliance. Appliance repair might be a good option, and means of avoiding a costly installation of a built-in appliance. If you’re unsure about replacing an appliance, contact us for a professional opinion.

      What are common washing machine issues?

      Rest assured that our service technicians have ample experience with diagnosing and fixing broken washing machines. The most common problems we solve include but are not limited to:

      • Failing to drain-pump and hose restriction
      • Leaking washing machine
      • Underfilling-control or inlet valve issues
      • There is standing water which could be the result of a clogged drain or broken pump
      • Worn out washing machine belt that is cracked or slacks.

      What issues are you experiencing with your washing machine? Contact us for a free same-day washing machine repair service.

      What are common residential dryer issues?

      Rest assured that our service technicians have ample experience with diagnosing and fixing broken residential dryers. The most common problems we solve include but are not limited to:

      • There is no heat in the dryer, which could be a result of a broken thermostat, timer, fuses heating coil or the dryer could have a vent issue.
      • The dryer drum may be problematic. This could be because of faulty noise rollers, a broken idler or belt issues.
      • An overheated dryer could be the result of a broken thermostat or heating coil
      • The dryer is not starting which could be because of a broken start switch, motor, terminal block or timer.

      What issues are you experiencing with your dryer? Are you tired of hanging clothes to dry? Rest assured that we carry all common dryer parts. Contact us for a free same-day

      What fridge issues do Doctor Appliance Repair technicians commonly see?

      Rest assured that our service technicians have ample experience with diagnosing and fixing broken residential fridges. The most common problems we solve include but are not limited to:

      • Fridge compressor fan issues. A fridge fan is essential to the compressor as it cools down to prevent overheating. If the fan stops, the compressor will make a strange noise and the fridge will start to overheat.
      • The fridge is making a strange clicking noise. If your fridge is making a clicking noise, there is a chance that you have an issue with the starter relay or the compressor is overloading.
      • There is a rattling noise coming from the fridge. There is a drip pan behind the kick plate, under the fridge, and it is possible that the pan is rattling when the compressor starts. This may have to re-positioned.
      • Icemaker issues. You might hear noises coming from the ice maker when the water flows into the ice maker. This is normal. If it gets louder it will need to be checked
      • Fridge defrost problems. Is there ice built, or snow build-up? This is most likely a problem with the defrost timer. As the defrost timer gets older it may become noisy. Replacement is recommended.
      • Is the freezer not working properly? If the evaporator motor starts to make noise, then it will need to be replaced.

      What issues are you experiencing with your refrigerator?  Rest assured that we carry all common fridge parts. Contact us for a free same-day

      Ottawa Appliance Repair Services

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      Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa
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      When it comes to appliance repair in Ottawa, you want to turn to the best team available. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch repairs for all your appliances. Not only do we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise, but we also offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Plus, our team is fluent in a variety of languages, including French, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Russian, so we can communicate effectively with Ottawa customers from diverse backgrounds. Contact us today to experience our exceptional service firsthand!