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Why Your Oven May Not Be Getting Hot Enough

Why Your Oven May Not Be Getting Hot Enough

When it comes to proper cooking, every kitchen appliance plays a vital role in delivering that perfect meal to your dining table. While you may have purchased the best quality oven to prepare your meals, there could be situations where you may find it not hot enough to cook your food. Besides being frustrating, a non-heating oven can also be a source of worry, especially if you have a looming dinner party to host. If you’ve been experiencing this issue, check out this blog post to explore some common causes and solutions to help you get your oven back to its optimal functioning. Oven not getting hot enough? You may need an oven repair technician from Doctor Appliance to diagnose your broken oven. 

Oven Not Getting Hot Enough: Broken Heating Element

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One of the leading reasons your oven may not be getting hot enough is a faulty heating element. If the visible bake or broil heating element is not turning red, it means it may have burned out and needs to be replaced. Can the oven still reach lower temperatures? If the oven is somewhat functional but not fully heating, this can be an indicator that the upper element may not be working correctly. Rest assured that local appliance repair technicians can source and install new oven heating elements.

Damaged Gas Ignition

For gas ovens, the cause of a non-heating oven may be due to a damaged gas ignition. The cause could be a problematic ignition switch, dirty burners, or a malfunctioning gas supply valve. You can troubleshoot this by reviewing your oven’s user manual to ensure the appropriate gas connections are in place. If the ignition switch is working correctly, then cleaning the burners may help resolve the issue. If you need a gas oven repair solution, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa can help! Our licensed gas appliance repair technicians are certified, bondable, and committed to safety and customer service.

Oven Not Getting Hot Enough: An Old or Faulty Thermostat

Another common cause of a non-heating oven is an old or faulty thermostat. If your thermostat is inaccurate, it could be the reason your oven isn’t heating up to the desired temperature. Fortunately, checking and replacing a thermostat is a relatively easy fix. Most thermostats have screws that need to be unscrewed before a new thermostat can be installed. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, have a professional take care of the replacement.

Dirty Oven Components

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Over time, dirt, grime, and grease build up in your oven can interfere with its functioning. A dirty oven can experience clogging or other issues that impede heat distribution, preventing your oven from getting hot enough to cook food. Therefore, it’s vital to clean your oven regularly to ensure it’s functioning optimally and prevent any electrical or mechanical issues. 

Overcrowding Oven

Finally, if your oven is not getting hot enough, you may be overpacking it with too many food items. Overcrowding in an oven will impede the proper flow of heat, which can cause your oven to struggle to reach the desired temperature. If you’ve tried all the solutions above and still have an issue, consider reducing the number of food items in the oven per batch to ensure that heat circulation is not impeded.

Ottawa Oven Repair Services

Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa

Looking after your oven is important and essential if you want to keep your food, and whoever is eating it, safe. If you’re concerned that your oven isn’t getting hot enough and need some professional help, then contact Dr. Appliance straight away for book an appointment with our free same-day oven repair service. We can fix electric and gas ovens to ensure that your meals come out cooked thoroughly every time. Plus, as the repair is done quickly, you won’t need to worry about leaving your family without a working oven for too long. So don’t hesitate to book an appliance repair service today and keep your family reassured with tasty home-cooked meals produced in a safe and hygienic environment.