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Faulty Samsung Fridge: 6 Common Fridge Repairs & How To Fix Them 

Faulty Samsung Fridge: 6 Common Fridge Repairs & How to Fix Them 

The fridge is the centerpiece of every kitchen and one of the most important household appliances. Samsung fridges are generally good quality, but they can develop various problems that can limit their efficiency. Fortunately, at Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa, our fridge repair technicians fix broken Samsung fridges daily. With our 5-star appliance repair Google rating, there is no question that Doctor Appliance is the go-to appliance repair company for all Samsung Fridge Repair Ottawa needs. Here is a comprehensive overview of our Samsung fridge repair services. 

Common Samsung Fridge Problems & Their Causes 

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Samsung fridges are vulnerable to a few electrical and mechanical problems. Here is an overview of the six most common problems and their causes:

Fridge Leaking Water on the Floor 

Water leaking from the fridge to the floor could have two causes. First, the defrost drain hose could be clogged by debris and food particles, causing water to build up and leak. Second, the fridge’s water supply line could be clogged or frozen, causing incoming water to spill. It is worth noting that a clogged water supply line can also prevent the ice and water dispenser from working properly. 

Freezer Not Cooling Properly 

A faulty freezer can result in spoilt food if it doesn’t cool properly. There could be two causes: a faulty evaporator fan or dirty condenser coils. The evaporator fan blows cold air from the freezer vents into the freezing compartment. As such, the compartment won’t freeze properly if the fan runs slowly or stops running altogether. Alternatively, dirt and debris on the condenser coils can prevent them from expelling heat from inside the refrigerator, causing heat buildup and offsetting the freezer’s cold temperatures. 

Fridge Repair: Insufficiently Cold Temperatures in the Fresh Food Compartment 

Sub-par cold temperatures in the fresh food compartment can make your food go bad. A faulty evaporator fan could be the problem, as it is responsible for blowing cold air from the freezer vents into the fresh food compartment. If not, then the diffuser duct located at the back of the fresh food compartment could be clogged, preventing cold air from passing through. These are delicate parts that require professional Samsung fridge repair services

Extremely Cold Temperatures in the Fresh Food Compartment 

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Extremely cold temperatures in the fresh food compartment can also cause your fresh food to freeze. The problem could be a faulty thermostat, which is responsible for controlling the evaporator fan motor and compressor. A faulty thermostat can cause the refrigerator to run more often and longer than usual, causing excess cold in the freezer and fresh food compartments. 

Fridge Ice Maker Broken

The water dispenser can produce only small amounts of water or none at all if the related components are faulty. The most common cause is a frozen water tube in the door, preventing water from passing through to the dispenser. A faulty inlet valve could also be the problem, as it is also responsible for supplying water to the dispenser. However, an unrelated cause could be low water pressure in your home’s general water supply, preventing enough water from reaching the fridge and dispenser. 

Overflowing Icemaker 

The icemaker can overflow with water and ice, causing a mess. It could be caused by a faulty or leaky valve that doesn’t shut off properly, resulting in a continuous water supply to the icemaker. 

The Importance of Timely Refrigerator Repairs 

A faulty Samsung fridge can be a potential hazard and a potentially bigger risk, and getting professional Samsung fridge repair services as soon as possible is crucial. Here are three reasons why waiting may cost you more: 

  • Safety Hazard 

A malfunctioning Samsung fridge is a potential safety and health hazard in several aspects. For starters, water leaking to the floor can put you and your loved ones at risk of slip-and-fall accidents, resulting in physical injuries. Additionally, a malfunctioning freezer or fresh food compartment can cause the food to go bad, putting your family at risk of food poisoning. 

  • Food Preservation 

A faulty Samsung fridge can cause the food to go bad, especially if the freezer and fresh food compartments don’t get cold enough. This can cost you financially and cause the inconvenience of having to run to the store whenever you need something to eat or drink. 

  • Bigger Damages 

A small problem now could turn into a bigger problem later if left unchecked. For example, an overflowing icemaker could cause water to spill into the fridge’s electrical components, causing electrical damage. As such, it is prudent to get problems fixed as soon as they develop to prevent them from getting worse. 

Get Quality Samsung Fridge Repair Services 

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Getting professional Ottawa Samsung fridge repair services is the best and safest solution to the six problems discussed earlier. These problems are caused by faulty internal components, which require a trained and certified professional technician to fix or replace. Fortunately, you don’t have to look further than Doctor Appliance for the best Samsung fridge technicians in Ottawa and Gatineau. Our services are of top-notch quality, and we have a 5-star Google rating to back it up. Call us at 613-606-6038 or email [email protected] to learn more about our Samsung fridge repair Ottawa services.